Are You Attuned & Aware?

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As we wrap up Maternal Mental Health Awareness week, it seems relevant to reflect on the possibilities for exhaustion and depletion that face parents.  There seems to be a lot of pressure, placed on new parents, particularly, to frequently stimulate and entertain babies. We are expected to exhaust ourselves day in and day out by singing the right songs, buying the right gear, dangling the right toys, incessantly narrating all stimuli, etc.  For mothers and fathers who are weary of these pressures, there is a different way!

RIE (known formally as Educaring) is deeply related to maternal (and paternal) care because it is about parenting and caregiving in a "less is more" manner that enables babies and toddlers to absolutely THRIVE. The intersection of rich, authentic, infant-led play and parental self-care is one topic--among many--that is explored in Attuned & Aware. As Magda Gerber succinctly expressed decades ago, it is absolutely possible to "do less and enjoy more."  More than being possible, these are the conditions that enable infants to experience competency, authenticity, and age-appropriate resiliency.

Join us for this 5-week session (on Sunday mornings) for a supportive, joyful, and thoughtful environment wherein we will learn, reflect, laugh, (and intellectually engage) on a variety of exciting topics through the transformative lens of RIE. The instructor, Leyla Momeny, will also incorporate other thinkers and child development experts such as Aletha Solter, Naomi Aldort, and Dan Siegel. Her hope is that you walk away with an understanding of communicative and present caregiving, child-led vs. parent-led play, the beauty of natural motor development, and how to adopt parenting practices during infancy that will make toddlerhood decidedly less "terrible."  The course involves optional weekly articles and literature, quiet observations, discussions, videos to watch, a weekly email, Q & A, and a topic assigned for each week.



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