Business as Usual?

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The holiday season is upon us.... This year it feels a little bitter sweet for me. If we move forward with a "business as usual" attitude and participate in all the holiday festivities, pageantry and commercialism, are we discounting the anxiety that many in our community are currently feeling? Are we valuing material possessions over emotional and societal health? Honestly, I feel a bit guilty thinking about what gifts I'm hoping to receive rather than what I can do to give back.
How can we partake in this holiday season in a way that doesn't diminish the very real turmoil that our country and society is facing? As you consider taking part in holiday activities and buying presents for your family members, friends, and even yourself, consider gifts that enrich connection with family and community.  Look into volunteering as a family at an organization that serves a disenfranchised demographic, modeling engagement for your children. Give donations in someone's name to a cause that protects rights that are important to them. Buy gifts that foster strong relationships & conversation rather than individual pursuits. Support local businesses are that are socially aware & engaged. Practice self-care so that you are sustained through a time of social and political intensity that most of us have not experienced in adulthood, let alone as parents. 


This is such a special time of year for many and I for one intend to enjoy if fully and mindfully. Spending time with family and friends, doing what I can to giving back to others and yes, delighting in the very special gift my partner is sure to bestow on me (he hasn't let me down yet... no pressure). And at Natural Resource it will be business as usual. For us that means doing what we do best... supporting families & building community. 

How will you be celebrating the holidays?   

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    On December 07, 2016

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