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🌿 Special Wooden Toys: Holiday Gift Guide #1

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ITEMS WILL ARRIVE AFTER DEC 25th - Check out other guides for items that are in stock now.  

Large wooden play triangles, play cubes, kitchens and rocking horses are thoughtful and timeless gifts that we love for the following reasons:

🌿 They inspire open and imaginative play for children of many ages;

🌿 They are heirloom quality, made of sustainable, nontoxic materials that help create a safer environment in your home and in our world;... Read More

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🧱 Blocks Rock! Holiday Gift Guide #2 

We are huge fans of blocks! They're good for parents: nice to look at (plastic toys be gone!), don't make noise (anyone else have a "no battery" toy rule?), nostalgic (remember the simple pleasure of building as a kid?), and last forever. And they're GREAT for kids. Do multi-duty when you get blocks. Here are some of the benefits of blocks:

🧱 Increase attention span (focus on building)

🧱 Develop motor skills (moving and manipulating).... Read More

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🤰🏾Gifts For Mom: Holiday Gift Guide #3

Moms do so much! It's vital that they take time for self-care and that they nurture themselves during pregnancy, early postpartum & beyond. Help them out by gifting items & experiences that foster relaxation and community. With virtual support circles, books, body care products and more we have something for every mom in your life... including yourself.
BONUS! More than ever, it's important to support local, small businesses. We are excited to carry products by local &/or mom owned companies and to feature their products in this Gift Guide!... Read More


🛴Tire 'em Out Outside: Holiday Gift Guide #4

Shorter days & tightened restrictions may mean both you & your littles are bouncing off the walls. When you can, get outside! Getting fresh air and physical activity can make your time inside easier to manage. If the kiddos are all tuckered out they may sleep better at night! A win/win for all concerned... Read More


👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 A Family Affair: Holiday Gift Guide #5

Many families are celebrating the holidays apart this year. We've heard that folks are using this time to get creative and maybe even start new traditions. My sister mailed us all the same tee shirt. We've sent her pictures wearing them so we could have a family photo even though we won't be together. This will actually be the first time we've done the matching outfit thing.... Read More

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