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Tips for Traveling with Your Little One!

By : Class Administrator

Thanks to all the families who contributed to this crowd sourced list of travel tips! Share your travel tips and we'll add them to the list. General Tips Set low expectations and don't be afraid to ask for help!  Don’t stress, have fun and just go with the flow don’t overthink naps and such Plan for "quiet/down time" Allow time for older babies and toddlers to play before getting on the plane For international travel, try Etihad airlines because they have complementary in-flight nannies to entertain children with games and coloring books For long drives plan stops with places where...

Investing in Your Family's Long-Term Health

By : Ginny Zeppa

For as long as Natural Resources has been around (30 years in Spring 2018!), its stewards have taken up the challenge of arguing for the education, empowerment, and support that it offers as a non-negotiable need of all new parents. We asked Bina Patel Shrimali, SF mother and PhD in Public Health, to give us her perspective on the importance of organizations like Natural Resources. Natural Resources is so grateful for Bina's clear articulation of the importance of community and support for all new parents as we continue to work towards balance and sustainability for this 30 year old organization. Please consider becoming a Friend of...

Success! Transitioning Your Toddler to a Big Bed

By : Ginny Zeppa

Are you curious or anxious about moving your growing toddler from the crib to a big bed? The struggle is real! Some say the transition from crib to big kid bed can be even more difficult than that first year of baby sleep! But success will be yours! The following article is written by Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Teresa Morris, who shares her wisdom and guidance. While there is no "perfect time" for any change in a toddler's life, Teresa has some helpful advice to foster greater ease around this big change. Happy Reading! -- Ginny Zeppa, mama, coach, blog...