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Adjusting to Time Changes

By : Bobbi Williams

With the time change approaching, many parents are asking how they can help their baby and toddler transition to the new time without upsetting their child’s sleep. Starting Sunday, November 1, clocks will be set backwards one hour: “fall back.” You can help your child by starting adjustments ahead of the time change. Beginning Tuesday night (October 27), start to put your child down 10 minutes earlier for bed. You can do this by comforting, singing, reading, and starting the bedtime routine 10 minutes later. Continue this for the rest of the week. When the time change happens, your baby...

#LetsGetReal with Kai Ayo Z, Queer Birthworker

By : Class Administrator

This week #LetsGetReal with Kai Ayo Z. Shatteen.

Kai Ayo Z, Shatteen (they/them) is a Black, Queer Birthworker with a deep commitment to ending the injustice that puts BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) and LGBTQIA communities at the bottom when it comes to positive birth outcomes. For Kai this work is an answer to Ancestral calling, not a career and they are guided by their Ancestors daily. Kai is an Apprentice Midwife, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Herbal Medicine Maker, as well as a Birth & Postpartum Consultant. Currently they are the Client Intake Director for the Roots of Labor Birth Collective and they have the joy of parenting two young adults!