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Adjusting to Time Changes

By : Bobbi Williams

With the time change approaching, many parents are asking how they can help their baby and toddler transition to the new time without upsetting their child’s sleep. Starting Sunday, November 1, clocks will be set backwards one hour: “fall back.” You can help your child by starting adjustments ahead of the time change. Beginning Tuesday night (October 27), start to put your child down 10 minutes earlier for bed. You can do this by comforting, singing, reading, and starting the bedtime routine 10 minutes later. Continue this for the rest of the week. When the time change happens, your baby...

Success! Transitioning Your Toddler to a Big Bed

By : Ginny Zeppa

Are you curious or anxious about moving your growing toddler from the crib to a big bed? The struggle is real! Some say the transition from crib to big kid bed can be even more difficult than that first year of baby sleep! But success will be yours! The following article is written by Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Teresa Morris, who shares her wisdom and guidance. While there is no "perfect time" for any change in a toddler's life, Teresa has some helpful advice to foster greater ease around this big change. Happy Reading! -- Ginny Zeppa, mama, coach, blog...