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Tips for Traveling with Your Little One!

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Thanks to all the families who contributed to this crowd sourced list of travel tips! Share your travel tips and we'll add them to the list.

General Tips

  • Set low expectations and don't be afraid to ask for help! 
  • Don’t stress, have fun and just go with the flow don’t overthink naps and such
  • Plan for "quiet/down time"
  • Allow time for older babies and toddlers to play before getting on the plane
  • For international travel, try Etihad airlines because they have complementary in-flight nannies to entertain children with games and coloring books
  • For long drives plan stops with places where you can eat and have access to restrooms. Find parks on the way for a stretch/play break
  • For long flights if you can get  your baby his/her own seat
  • Also for long flights, if you have an infant call the airline and request a bassinet
  • Choose flights times around naps or so you arrive at night time and can (try to) get them switched to a new time zone right away
  • Nurse, give a bottle or a pacifier during take off and landing even if they are sleeping
  • Wear “useful”, comfortable & convenient  clothing on the plane: long cardigans you can use to cover when nursing, stretchy tops you can pull down or up for easy nursing, things with pockets. Wear leggings, sweats, or a maxi dress so you don’t have to deal with buckles, buttons, etc when going to the bathroom. Wear supportive slip on shoes
  • Dress kiddo in onesie and leg warmers for easy diaper changes on long flights
  • Go to the bathroom as soon as you get on the plane
  • Use overnight diapers on the plane for extra absorbency
  • Find out if the places you are going are stroller friendly in advance
  • Going through airport security is easier with a baby carrier than a stroller. Also great for walking the aisle if needed
  • Use an infant car seat on a stroller frame instead of a travel stroller for infants because it gives you the option to take taxis or lyft once on the ground 
  • Try to find a mom and baby yoga class or other class. Then you can talk to local moms about their favorite places and kid-friendly parks, restaurants, etc.
  • Consider getting  a “Fly Tot” inflatable so kids can lay down on plane and still be buckled in 
  • For longer trips research whether you can get things like diapers once you arrive. Make sure they are a brand that gets good reviews or you are familiar with to avoid ill fitting diapers and a bunch of blow outs
  • Bring water bottles you can fill up after going through security. Collapsible ones are great because they don't take up much room when empty

Packing + What to Take on Your Trip 

  • Leave the suitcase open on the floor so you can easily throw in things as you think of them
  • Make a list (by person) of the things you can't pack until the day of the trip so you don’t forget them
  • Don’t over pack for yourself but don’t skimp on baby clothes. They don't take up much room and messes are inevitable. Find out if you can wash clothes at your destination
  • Plane temperatures can vary greatly. Bring both a short sleeve and long sleeve clothes for baby so you can change them into something more comfortable if needed. 
  • Get leashes to attach toys to something so they don’t end up on the floor and under seats
  • Bring sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces on the plane, changing tables, etc.
  • Make sure to pack spare clothes in your carry on for the kiddos AND yourself so you don't have to walk around with spit up stains
  • Prep a changing kit. Include 2 diapers, wipes, changing pad and a change of clothes for baby in it. Just take this to the bathroom for changes instead of a big bag. Refill as needed with more diapers
  • Bring reusable “wet bags”* for dirty clothes and or reclosable plastic bags for trash & dirty diapers
  • For quick fix childproofing, bring masking tape or duct tape
  • Large muslin swaddle blankets* can be used for everything. As a pillow, clean surface on the airport floor, nursing cover, etc
  • Take your own unwashed crib sheets so they smell familiar - FYI Cribs may not be the same size in other countries
  • Baby Sleep lounger like a Snuggle Me* are great for co-sleeping in beds or putting on the floor
  • For solids eaters prep snacks... See Food & Nursing

Food & Nursing

  • Pack lots of snack. If possible make them ones that don't need to be refrigerated during the trip like banana chips, cherry tomatoes, grapes. Bring a small insulated bag for cold snacks like cheese, turkey etc.
  • If you are bringing an electric pump and are traveling internationally make sure you have a power converter
  • Bring a hand pump like the Haaka* or Medela Harmony* for relief in case the time change and jet lags messes with the feeding schedule
  • Have the hand pump in your carry on in case your checked bag gets lost or delayed
  • Bring an inflatable nursing pillow, like the one from My Brestfriend*, so can have a hand free if baby falls asleep while nursing

Keeping Them Occupied

  • Choose 6 10-min activities (any of the following: books, tape play, cars, magnatiles, people watching/walking in the aisle, snacks, stacking cups) and make a loop of those 6 things to fill the hour, then repeat for the next hour!
  • Pack lots of snacks or let them pick out a snack and magazine at the airport!
  • Fill small baggies with puzzles and games for road trips and airports
  • Let your child pack their own bag of toys and things to do 
  • Washi tape is amazing! Kids can make designs all over the seat, window, tray peel it off, re-stick, and repeat
  • Pack a new toy or two and even new or “special” snacks that you don't often let them have. Save until you really need it
  • If you will use an ipad or other screen for entertainment save it for as long as you can

Above all.... "For ALL travel, remember to breathe and keep it SIMPLE: If you're not stressed, neither is baby!" - Anonymous travel tips contributor


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