Infant Massage Series: Virtual

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Kari Marble

Please note: 2 caregivers of the same child welcomed.


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    Sharing loving touch with your baby builds love, respect, and trust as you learn to calm, delight, attune to, and ease fussiness in your little one. Massage nourishes your connection with your baby and enhances well-being, brain development, immune and nervous system health, circulation, digestion, relaxation and sleep. Massage can relieve gas, constipation, colic and stress. And it's fun!

    Through this series designed for babies 4 weeks and up you will learn:

    -How to give your baby a full-body massage
    -Learn clear protocols to relieve gas, constipation, colic and stress
    -Sing songs and rhymes to accompany massage while bonding with your baby and building confidence in caring for your child

    Each 75-minute class in the series includes massage time and parenting discussions on topics such as crying, colic, attachment, and self-care.

    Please Note:

    -Please dress comfortably for sitting on the floor in a warm room.
    -Bring to class an adult-sized bath towel, two washcloths or cloth diapers to catch pee (babies will be naked during massage), a couple of chux pads or other waterproof layer.
    -Registration is per baby, partners/co-parents are welcome.
    -Topics covered in each session are listed in the Details Tab.
    -Pregnant parents and parents adopting are welcome to attend before the birth of your baby.

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