Comfortable Labor and Delivery Classes (Virtual)

Explore the classes and workshops that can help you have a more comfortable labor and delivery! While we can't promise you'll learn how to make childbirth completely painless, you will: learn to open more easily for your baby, practice comfort measures you can use during pregnancy and labor, and discover other labor pain management techniques that will help you better cope with the intensive sensations of birth.

Our classes teach you evidence-based methods that help you have an unmedicated birth if that's what you'd prefer, or the birthing parent can also use them in conjunction with other pain relief options. Although giving birth can’t necessarily be made totally pain-free or easy, our classes can help you make childbirth less painful and have an empowered and "normal" delivery experience.

Note: The following are our current online classes (held through live video chat). For a list of in-person classes (in the Bay Area, California), click here. Some in-person classes might be offered virtually in the future, so feel free to bookmark this page and check back in later!

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