Sheepskin Rug for Babies
Sheepskin Rug for Babies
Sheepskin Rug for Babies
Sheepskin Rug for Babies

Sheepskin Rug for Babies



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Woolino Lambskin rugs are 100% natural, made from silky-soft hypoallergenic Australian merino. They are ideal for naptime or playtime, as a liner for the crib, bassinet, playpen, or seat. They soothe and comfort, and help child feel secure wherever they go.

Woolino Lambskins are made to be safe for baby use: They are short shorn (pile height is 1.2” or 3cm) and tanned using a special process that is approved for baby use.

Size: 2 x 3 ft. (60 x 90 cm)

  • 100% NATURAL - a completely biodegradable and a renewable resource. 
  • The natural softness of the lamb-fleece will soothe and comfort baby. Babies settle more quickly when they lay on lambskin. 
  • YEAR-ROUND COMFORT - Wool’s soft hollow fibers “breathe” and help regulate body temperature, it helps keep baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet - it keeps baby always dry and comfortable.
  • Tested for safety and APPROVED FOR BABY USE - Short shorn wool (fiber length of 1.2 inch), non-toxic, tested and certified by Oeko Tex® / LEATHER STANDARD for baby use.
  • Merino wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypo allergenic.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Seamless, quality-crafted from the most luxurious, dense, and silky lambskins.
  • Studies have shown that babies sleeping on wool settle more quickly, wake and cry less, sleep longer, and gain weight faster. *

*If used for bedding, it is not recommended for children under 12 months old.

Please note that when washed, sheepskin products do not come out looking like new. We recommend only spot cleaning when possible. Sponge off small, lightly soiled areas and towel-dry where necessary. Daily airing is recommended to keep the lambskin fresh.

  • Wash on gentle or wool cycle (max 38°C/100°F)
  • Use a mild detergent (we recommend Kookaburra) or use wool washes and shampoos with natural pH. Do NOT use soap or washing powders containing enzymes or bleach. Do NOT use fabric softeners. Do NOT use common laundry detergents
  • Gently stretch the product back into its original shape
  • To dry, place the lambskin on a flat surface. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do NOT place the lambskin on a radiator or in front of a convector or heater
  • Lamb-fleece may be brushed lightly after washing to help restore their soft fluffy appearance
  • Dry-cleanable
  • Do NOT bleach
  • Do NOT iron