All About Naps: Virtual

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Sarah Healy


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    Join us for this workshop to learn how you can help your little one (age 2-12 months) get that day time sleep they need.

    Naps are the most difficult type of sleep for most babies to learn about and there is so much conflicting information about what is realistic to expect.

    All About Naps discusses the most common struggles and questions that parents face with naps and leaves you with a clearer plan for how to set up your day. Taught in a balanced and evidence based approach, you will learn:

    -What to do about the dreaded 30 minute nap
    -Whether to follow a schedule or a rhythm
    -How many naps to expect at different ages
    -How to time naps such that it lines up with bedtime
    -When babies are able to consolidate naps
    -How to best manage through the 3 naps to 2 naps transition

    Please Note:

    -Second caregivers of the same child are encouraged to attend and will receive a discounted registration rate.
    -Pre-crawling babies are welcome.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.