Childcare Options - From Nannies to Daycare: Virtual

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Madeleine Galletti


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    This class is for expecting or new parents who want to learn about and evaluate different types of childcare to find the best option for their family.

    Whether hiring a nanny, hosting an au pair or choosing daycare, this one hour workshop will serve as an introduction to the multitude of childcare options there are in the city.

    You will discuss:

    -The benefits and potential drawbacks of each option.
    -Best practices as you search for the right provider in each category - where to look, when to look, and what to look for.
    -Pros and cons of each childcare option to help you begin to decide which option fits the needs of your family including socialization preferences and work flexibility.

    In addition, you will receive recommendations regarding a suggested timeline to ensure that you solidify the type of care you desire for your child as well as a resource list including where to begin looking for care options.

    If you are interested in hiring a nanny and have specific questions regarding the employment process check out How to Find and Hire the Right Nanny: Virtual.