Elimination Communication: Virtual

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Jennifer Chu


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    This class is the fundamentals of Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training. It's your 101 class on Potty Training a baby from 0-18 months old. Parents may choose to take this course prior to the birth of their baby or after the birth once they are familiar with their baby's rhythms.

    Babies are born to communicate with us. They ‘tell us’ from a very young age that they need to go, but overtime we’ve conditioned them to just go in their diaper. In many countries around the world, babies are potty trained by 12-18 months using Elimination Communication.

    Come learn the ancient and natural non-coercive way of potty training. It's not only environmentally friendly, it is hygienic for you, your baby, and others.

    This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started ECing your little one. The class will cover:

    -How to EC part-time, full time, or even occasionally
    -Trouble-shoot common problems
    -Cover what gear you need to get started
    -Much, much more!

    You will leave ready and armed to begin ECing!

    Please Note:

    -Babes in arms are welcome.
    -Caregivers of the same child are encouraged to attend and receive a discounted registration rate.