Babyproofing Your Relationship: Virtual

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Aaron Steinberg


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  • Class Description

    This workshop is designed to benefit parents from pregnancy through toddlerhood.

    You got the plug protectors, the foam bumpers for furniture, and three kinds of safety gates, but what about protection for your relationship?

    Parenthood is a well-documented fast-track to disconnection and dissatisfaction. The lack of sleep, intimacy, and time to yourself, and the added responsibility for one or more other lives, is sure to grab your shoulders and give a firm shake to your romantic foundation, exacerbate any previous issues, and bring new ones to the surface. Millions of new parents experience these same dynamics every day.

    But while this is the norm, we are not doomed!

    This course teaches you to identify the most common pitfalls in the early parenthood stage and provides actionable tools to overcome those obstacles. You’ll add the most needed relationship skills to your tool belt, so by the time your kid’s in kindergarten you feel more love, more connected, and more like a team than ever.

    Please Note:

    -Content covered in these sessions is included in the Details section below.
    -Partners are included in the registration rate.
    -Registration for Part I and Part II is separate. All families should attend Part I prior to attending Part II.
    -We recommend attending this workshop without your child(ren), although we recognize the challenges that may arise to find childcare at this time. Your little one is welcome to join you if this would prevent you from attending.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.

  • Details

    Babyproofing Your Relationship is divided into two parts, or sections:

    Part One is predominantly an educational experience. We’ll go over common pitfalls of early parenthood romantic relationships, and understand the common dynamics that cause disconnection and resentment. With each pitfall—communication, sex and intimacy, money, parenting choices, and individual needs/burnout—you’ll learn a tool that contains a principle, perspective shift, and set of actions that allows us to utilize any challenges as opportunities for greater connection and satisfaction. Built into each module there will be time for questions and discussion.

    Part Two is a deeper dive into the material for personalization and application to yourself and your particular relationship dynamic(s). With each pitfall we’ll have journaling prompts and time for guided and safe sharing and collaboration with your partner. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask more poignant questions and address concerns that have arisen in trying to apply the tools in real time, and more time for group sharing and discussion such that we can normalize and learn from each other’s experience.

  • Facilitator(s)

    Aaron F. Steinberg, MA, CPCC, is a relationship coach, group facilitator, and father of two young boys. He works with individuals and couples in his private practice, leads group workshops and courses, and is the author of a guidebook to working through romantic conflict called The Honesty Practice. He has helped hundreds of people learn to feel truly fulfilled in romantic relationships.

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