Sustainable Diapering Class with REDYPER, powered by EarthBaby: Virtual


Molly Ressler


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  • REDYPER, powered by EarthBaby hosts this workshop for parents looking at alternative diapering methods to both landfill and laundry. This free workshop will explore sustainable diapering and standard diapering alternatives.

    Did you know that in the first 2-3 years of life, your baby will go through an average of 5,500 diapers? And did you know that these diapers (both cloth and disposable) are piling up in our landfills, releasing harmful methane emissions for 500 years or more? Did you also know that most conventional disposables contain toxic chemicals that come in contact with your baby’s sensitive (and porous) skin? The world of diapers is full of overwhelming choices and misleading information that parents often stumble upon just weeks before baby’s arrival. In our Sustainable Diapering Class we will give you the information and resources you need to make the best informed decision regarding one of the most important parts of your early parenting journey - diapering your baby.

    Join panelist Molly Ressler of REDYPER™, powered by EarthBaby, the SF Bay Area's compostable diapering service, as they discuss the 4 primary diapering options: ​

    -(EC) Elimination Communication
    -cloth diapers
    -conventional disposable diapers
    -plant-based disposable diapers (with and without a composting service)

    You will become aware of the pros and cons to each of these approaches, the history of diapering, and the impact each method has on the environment and on your baby’s skin and development.

    All attendees receive a 4-week trial, 1 pack of diapers, and 1 pack of wipes FREE with their first order.

    *This offer is not to be combined with other offers. New customers only. Must be within REDYPER™ Powered by EarthBaby's delivery zone.

    There are so many new choices to be made in preparation for the arrival of your new baby – we want this choice to be an easy one. This webinar aims to leave you equipped with the knowledge to confidently select the right diapering option for your family.

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