Sustainable Diapering: Explore Compostables w/ EarthBaby


Sara Comden


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  • EarthBaby hosts this workshop for parents looking at alternative diapering methods to both landfill and laundry. This free workshop will explore sustainable diapering and standard diapering alternatives.

    Did you know disposable diapers constitute the 3rd largest contributor (by volume) to US landfills today? All diapers, if thrown in the garbage, will stay in a landfill for at least 300 years. EarthBaby addresses this problem ensuring that diapers stay out of a landfill and instead go to a human waste composting facility.

    During the course of this workshop you will cover:

    -The history of diapering
    -What diapers are made of
    -What ingredients to avoid in a diaper as well as what alternatives currently exist in the US
    -Plus data on both cloth and disposable diapers
    -Free sample diapers and a coupon for free diapers and wipes will be provided to attendees at the end of the class.

    Please Note:

    -Pre-crawling babies are welcome

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