Advanced Doula Training

Advanced Doula Training

Natural Resources is proud to announce the launch of our Advanced Doula Education and Certification Program. Natural Resource recognizes that Doulas, like all health professionals, require continuing educational opportunities. Our Advanced Training Program provides you with additional professional development opportunities and the option of advanced certification.

Advanced Training Courses

These advanced classes will accelerate the Doula’s understanding of a variety of aspects to supporting new families. The topics are of interest to both Birth and Postpartum Doulas and will strengthen your practice. All courses are open to all Doulas & Birth/Early Parenting Professionals.

Please Note:
  • Certification is optional - Any birth/early parenting professional may take classes without becoming certified
  • You may take as many classes as desired
  • You must already have a valid Doula certification to be eligible for advanced certification
  • Advanced certification is an option for ALL Certified Doulas not just those certified through The Natural Resources Training Program. You may be certified with any reputable Doula training organization
  • For certification, the Doula must attend at least four advanced classes and complete an application 
  • Discounts are available for those signing up for 4 or more classes

Email for more information.