Baby Carriers -- Try Before You Buy! Baby carriers allow you to carry your baby (mostly) hands free. "Wearing" your baby comes with amazing benefits for both you and your little one. Bond with or soothe a fussy newborn, go on long walks and more. Figuring out the best carrier for you and your baby can be tricky... that's why if you are a Natural Resources member you can "try before you buy" for 7 days to make sure you find the perfect carrier for you and baby.


A lightweight fabric loop, a sling is perfect for carrying newborns. Slings are also great to keep on hand for walking toddlers who tire out and want or need to be carried long distances. Ring slings in particular are very versatile, adjusting to fit a variety of body sizes and are easy to nurse in.

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Stretchy Wraps

The Comfort collection was designed and engineered without making any compromise on the style and the smoothness of the reclining and gliding mechanisms. The result; a unique recliner that combines the modern look of a trendy chair, the optimal comfort of a recliner and the relaxing motion of a glider.

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Hybrid Wraps

For an unrivaled relaxing time, offer yourself the Dutailier transitional-style upholstered swivel glider.

The high-end quality upholstery with added visco foam in the armrests and the integrated footrest mechanism are designed to provide an ultimate long lasting comfort.

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Soft Structured

These high-end upholstered gliders combine style and elegance for a moment of pure relaxation. They are built with the « glide-r-motion® » technology - the same mechanism used in the wood gliders - which allows for an extra long and smooth gliding movement.

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Classic (Wood) Collection

Featuring a gentle and extended smooth glide, this solid wood chair is perfect for the baby's room or living room. For complete relaxation, why not opt for the reclining feature and the gliding ottoman.

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Nursery Furniture

Dutailier furniture grows with your child. The chair where you nurse or rock your baby becomes a reading corner and the crib, a day bed... then a twin bed. Time will fly by, but your family’s memories will remain etched in this space forever.

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