Babywearing Consultation

Natural Resources is happy to offer consultations to families looking to purchase or learn how to use a baby carrier.

Our staff provides a complimentary, maximum 15-minute, base consultation (valued at $25) to each family looking to purchase a carrier from Natural Resources. Additionally, Private Babywearing Consultations are available to schedule with a certified babywearing consultant. 

The complimentary base consultation includes the following (up to 15 minutes):

  • Discussion regarding which type of carrier will best fit the needs of your family
  • Brief education regarding the mechanics of the carrier 
  • Brief education regarding use of the carrier
  • Customized fit for caregiver(s) present as time allows

Please note the complementary base consultation happens while the store is open and we are working with limited staff. As a result the consultation may be paused momentarily in order to support other families. Your patience in appreciated.  If you require or prefer undivided attention please schedule a Private Consultation.

There are several benefits of a Private Babywearing Consultation. Our consultants have been trained through the Bay Area Baby Wearing Certification Program and also facilitate Babywearing Basics at Natural Resources. Please complete this intake form to schedule your consult today. If you would like more information regarding the Private Babywearing Consultation prior to scheduling, please email During a private consultation you will: 

  • Learn and practice alternative ways to wear baby in the carrier from newborn to toddler
  • Develop and practice the skill of breastfeeding while using your carrier
  • Receive personalized support and recommendations to make baby carrying a positive experience for you and your baby
  • Gain support utilizing a carrier you currently own
  • Discover additional ways to utilize the carrier based on the unique framework of your family

Our fee schedule is as follows for scheduled consultations:

  • $60 - 45 minutes
  • $75 - 1 hour
  • Natural Resources seeks to support the education, empowerment, and cultivation of community and connection for all new families in San Francisco, therefore, a sliding scale or scholarship may be available for families wishing to schedule a consultation, but unable to do so due to the cost.

During Shelter-in-Place the following arrangements can be made for babywearing consultations:

  1. We are offering base consultations via Facetime for virtual shopping appointments or socially distanced in the retail store.
  2. Families can take advance of up to two base consultations when purchasing a carrier. Following the second consultation, if you desire additional assistance, you will be directed to schedule a Private Babywearing Consultation.
  3. Private Babywearing Consultations will be available via Zoom or Socially distanced at NR. Location to be decided on a case by case basis.