Birth Doula Core Training Details The Natural Resources Birth Doula Core Training is the most comprehensive in the Bay Area. As an organization that not only trains doulas but also educates and supports new and expecting families we are uniquely positioned. We not only prepare you for a career as as doula, we also support you in growing your business and connecting with clients. As a NR trained Doula you will receive ongoing community support and Natural Resources professional perks. Birth Doulas understand that the laboring woman will remember her birth experience for the rest of her life. In our training you will learn how to work in tandem with the laboring woman's partner and/or birth team through pregnancy and labor to support the birthing mother's vision for her birth.

Our program is offered twice every year.

Space is limited. Enroll early and save!


$725 - Earlier Bird Price - 1 payment within 2 weeks of class being scheduled & announced.

$825 - Regular Price - Paid in full in 1 payment.

$850 - Payment Plan Price - 2 payments of $425 - Final payment due 7 days in advance of first class.


Regular cancellation policy applies to all pricing options.

About Our Training



If there are no upcoming dates listed join our waiting list to be notified as soon as the next training is scheduled. 

Our training prepares you for working in the role of birth doula in all birth settings, home, hospital and birth center. It includes 35 hours of engaging instruction, an informative training binder, local resources for volunteer opportunities, and the option of certification after completing hands-on training and other requirements.

The program comprises of 26 hours of Core Training and three supplemental classes taught by respected Bay Area practitioners. Additional classes are included at no extra charge:

Core training includes:

  • Comprehensive instruction in the processes of labor and birth
  • Comfort measures and relaxation techniques
  • Positions for an active birth
  • Emotional support for women and their partners
  • Consumer advocacy and informed choice
  • Understanding the pros and cons of medical technology in birth
  • Establishing a successful doula practice


Supplemental classes include:

  • Labor Support Massage, taught by Lauren Miller Brown
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Connection During Birth, taught by Sandra Lloyd
  • Reproductive Justice, taught by Rudi Mondragon and Alli Cuentos


Upon completion of this training, the Birth Doula will:

  • be able to identify stages of labor
  • be versed in appropriate support, tools, techniques, and therapies for every stage
  • know how to facilitate partner and family involvement appropriately
  • feel confident in their knowledge and skills and ability to provide effective, continuous support to the birthing family
  • understand how to effectively prepare and educate families throughout the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum periods
  • understand common birth terminology and interventions
  • be familiar with the differences in all birth environments – home, birth center and hospital
  • understand the of role of health care providers during birth
  • possess community resources for birthing and new families
  • have expert knowledge of prevalent birthing concepts and techniques
  • be competent in application of variety of comfort measures throughout childbirth
  • be aware of popular birth culture, birth advocates, authors, and practitioners
  • possess the ability to establish a successful doula practice
  • Become an advocate for normal (salutogenic) birth

Our Postpartum Training is offered twice a year. Enrollment is limited.




Benefits Of Our Training

In addition to offering a first rate education, Doulas who train with Natural Resources enjoy additional benefits.

Since we work directly with expecting & new families as well as offering Doula Trainings, we are in a unique position to help you connect with families looking for support.

  • Continued support from instructors
  • 1 Year of FREE Marketing via listing on the Natural Resources Local Resource Directory
  • Discounts on Professional Membership
  • Doula support groups

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We strongly recommend you become certified. While there are no government or health agencies who oversee Doula certification it is community and professional standard that a Doula will receive a thorough and robust training and complete certification requirements. Doing so demonstrates a level of professionalism, responsibility and reliability.

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I originally signed up for the class merely as a 'fun' way to learn about pregnancy. And now here I am, one year later: taking clients, attending workshops and living the doula life! I enjoyed every minute of the class and really appreciated the breadth of topics covered. I felt well prepared to talk to my first clients and answer all of their questions; find my way around a labor and delivery room; interact with nurses, Obs and Midwives. One client told me 'I would never guess that you have only attended a couple births'. Many thanks to Natural Resources, Michelle and Tracy!


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