Copy  2 of Appointment Shopping + Pick Up & Delivery

Copy 2 of Appointment Shopping + Pick Up & Delivery

For the safety of our staff and community in store shopping is NO longer available.

Due to limited staffed hours, and to avoid playing phone tag, we are requesting that you make an appointment for Virtual Shopping, Renting Birth Tubs or Pumps, to ask Questions About Classes and all other Inquiries Via Phone. By making an appointment we'll ensure that we have time to meet your needs.

You can also reach us via email at

Thank you for your understanding.
  • Book Shopping Appointments & General Inquiry Calls

    Please use "Appointment Notes" to let us know what you are looking for & whether our not we can call you via Facetime.

    If you have ordered something online and need to pay for LOCAL delivery book a time for us to call you for payment below.

  • Book Rental Appointments

    If you have questions about renting a Birthtub or Pump or need to pick up or drop off your rental please book an appointment below.

    For questions or reservations we will call you at your appointment time.

    For Pick up or drop off please arrive at your scheduled time. It is very likely we will have an appointment directly following yours so if you are running late we may have to reschedule.