COVID-19 Information and FAQS

During the Shelter-In-Place order we have moved our classes and support offerings online via Zoom. We have also launched an online store, and we are providing concierge virtual shopping by appointment.


CLASSES & GROUPS: We are thrilled to offer virtual classes and groups. We are committed to continuing to empower, educate, and build community -  while protecting the health of our facilitators and students.

SHOPPING: We are "open" 24 hours a day online and for socially distanced shopping in store. There are three ways to shop. You can:

  1. Shop on our BRAND NEW online store 24 hours a day. All online orders are for pick-up by or shipping
  2. Schedule a VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT 11am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday (subject to change). This is great if you can't find it online or have questions. You can get advice & shop 1-on-1 via phone or video with a Natural Resources team member. We offer NO TOUCH pick up for orders, or you can pay for shipping.
  3. Come by and shop in person. We are allowing socially distant, in store shopping with a 6 adult maximum. Of course masks are required, we have hand sanitizer &/or a sink ready for you to use before you begin shopping. Please have patience with staff as we are juggling fulfilling online orders and appointments to pick up rentals as well as helping walk in shoppers

RENTALS & SERVICES: Breast pumps and Birth Tub Rentals are available. Please make an appointment to make a reservation or schedule pick up.

SANITATION & SAFETY: We have implemented new safety measures to safeguard the health and well-being of staff and clients. Handwashing protocols are posted at every sink; distancing policies are posted on the front door; bulk sanitizer is available for staff; distancing of 6+ feet is required; contact-free payment has been implemented; customers are able to get products via contact-free pickup; and no-touch entry into the building is required. Staff disinfects all high-touch surfaces upon arrival and throughout the day.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staffing limitations we may not be able to return phone calls during business hours. Please make an appointment so we can reserve time to meet your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get in touch if I need to talk to someone? The best way for us to avoid playing phone tag is for you to make an appointment.  We will then call you at the scheduled time. You can also leave a message or email us at for general inquiries and for class/support group related questions. We will mainly have time to reply before 11am or after 5pm.


Can I take a class at 1051 Valencia? Nope. All classes are virtual. We will not open again for in-person classes until our team and Board feel that it is safe and responsible to do so. We anticipate that to be when indoor gatherings of 50 people are allowed in San Francisco.


How do I know which classes are happening online? You can see current virtual offerings here. If a class is available for sign up on our website, and the physical distancing order and limit of gatherings is still in effect when the class starts, it will be online.


What happens if shelter in place ends before my class happens? If it is safe for classes to happen in person AND all registered students are able to attend that class in person the class may be moved back to our physical location. If some students cannot attend then we will either move them to another date, hold the class both in person & online or just hold it online. This will be determined on a class by class basis when the time comes. We will communicate with all registered throughout the process. 


How do I sign up for online classes? Sign up for classes as usual using the sign up button on each class page on our website.


How do I stream my class? We are using Zoom to stream all classes. You will receive the link prior to class. You do not need to have a personal Zoom account to stream the class. We recommend joining class via the Zoom link 5 minutes prior to the start of class to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Plan to stay stationary during class to ensure the best internet connection.


How will I receive the zoom link? Your emailed receipt will include the Zoom link.

If you sign up more than 48 hours in advance you will also receive the link in the reminder email that is sent out the day before your class.


I have a support group pass. How do I use that for the Lactation support circle or the New Baby Group? Email to utilize a support group pass to register for class. A minimum of two days notice is preferred to ensure our staff is able to complete your request. We highly recommend signing up in advance but we will try to accommodate sign up requests up to 1 hour before the group. If you end up not attending the credit can easily be added back to your pass. Please request that via email as well. 


Shouldn't classes be discounted since they are online? We sure don’t think so! Classes still cost the same amount to run, so normal prices apply for most classes. Here’s more detail and background:

  • Our classes are live (not pre-recorded,) so they take the same amount of time, effort, and expertise as an in-person class. This is a decision we have made intentionally - though our classes are virtual, and attendees are in different spaces, they are still gathering together at the same time to learn together in community. This is one of our core values, and we are doing what we can to build community and social connection despite being physically apart. 
  • We support a community of facilitators and educators. We are committed to fairly paying our amazing facilitators for their expertise and wisdom, and our staff for their hard work. We cannot stand behind paying our facilitators less for doing the same work, especially at a time when they might be experiencing reduced income from their standard revenue streams. Our Facilitators work hard to provide an engaging and enriching experience virtually while we are all sheltering-in-place. In many cases they are working additional hours to ensure the online class offers an optimal experience. 
  • Our staff is working hard! It has been a monumental task to set up new systems, coordinate classes, and provide support virtually. We need to pay our busy bees!
  • We are still limiting class sizes. We still want you to connect, and we want the facilitator to be able to answer questions. So we are still capping class sizes. We DO see Zoom as a way to connect. We DON’T see Zoom as a way to stuff an endless number of people into classes. That said, we do allow partners / co-parents to attend for free on the same device.
  • We know this is hard. For a limited time we are offering a 15% discount for those who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19.  Please join our e-mailing list to receive updates. If you are able to pay the full price of the class, we certainly appreciate you doing so. This allows us to offer some free/low cost support and provide scholarships to families who otherwise would not be able to access our services and classes. 
  • We want to be here on the other side. We really, really want to be here for you all. We are thrilled that we can stay connected with you via virtual tools (and these are likely to be a part of NR into the future), but we’re definitely holding out for when we can be back together in person. That means we still have all the expenses required to have a physical space and business. So income from classes will help Natural Resources maintain operations, pay overhead costs, pay staff, and support San Francisco families during and after the quarantine.


How do I sign up my partner or co-parent for free? Select the registration option for one person at sign up. Please note: When we resume hosting classes in-person at Natural Resources we will have limited spaces available in each class. If a class is at full capacity partners may not be able to attend unless two reservations were made at the time of purchase. If available an additional space can be purchased. We will give priority to families already signed up for class. 


Has your cancellation policy changed?  Our rescheduling / cancellation policy remains the same. We need 7- 14 days notice, depending on the class, to move you to a different date or offer a store credit. We do not give cash or credit card refunds. Please read our full policy here. As always we will consider extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis. 

SHOPPING (Available in store, virtually & online)

Can I come to your physical location to shop? YES! At this time we are open for shopping with a 6 adult maximum and also for for pickups of orders placed on our online store or with a staff member during a virtual shopping appointment, and to pick up or return rentals.  Customers are using a No-Touch entry to pick up their packages and to pick-up or return rentals only.  Of course masks are required for staff & customers age 3 and older, we have hand sanitizer &/or a sink ready for you to use before you begin shopping.


What is virtual shopping? Use our website to book a 15 minute phone or video appointment (via Facetime or Skype) with a staff member. Use the “Appointment Notes” to let us know what you are looking for, and we will call or video chat with you when it is time for your appointment. Our staff can walk you around the store and show you our available selection, answer questions, and recommend the right product for your needs. Pick up your purchase in-store or opt for shipping.


Why don’t I see a product I am looking for on your website that I know you carry.  If you don’t see what you are looking for online, please reach out to us!  It may have recently come back into stock. If you are planning to be in the neighborhood you are welcome to come in as well. 


Do you offer same or next day delivery? We are offering shipping via USPS or UPS, not local door to door delivery. Locally most orders arrive in a couple days depending on the time they are ordered.


Can you ship products to someone in another city? Yes! most items can be shipped to anywhere in the continental USA. Some exception apply as noted on the product page.


How do I pick up my purchases? You will receive an emailed notification when your online order is ready for pickup (please check your spam folder), or verbal confirmation during your virtual shopping appointment.  You may pick up your order during the hours of 11 am - 5 pm, Monday through Saturday, 11-3 Sunday. We have a NO TOUCH pick up system. 


What is NO TOUCH pick up? We have a no physical contact pick-up procedure. No need for an appointment, it takes less than a minute. During our open hours (Sun 11-3, Mon - Sat 11am - 5pm): 

  1. open door with the automatic door opener (hand level / foot level). No hands needed.
  2. enter the building and walk to the table just inside the entrance.
  3. verbally confirm your purchase with Natural Resources staff member who will be a safe distance away
  4. grab the correct bag with your name on it.
  5. use the automatic door opener on the pillar by the table to leave. Again no hands needed. 

If you realize you would like to purchase something else you are welcome to shop if space allows to maintain physical distance. Hand washing or sanitizing is required.

Has your return policy for products changed? Yes. Until further notice, we are not able to accept returns of items that are not in fully sealed packaging that can be easily sanitized. This includes soft goods like clothing, blankets, nursing pillows and baby carriers that come in unsealed packaging. This is to ensure safety of our staff and customers, because there is no way for us to know whether a returned item has been exposed. Thank you for your understanding. 


Are you still renting out items?  Yes. Birthtubs, Breast Pumps, Tens Machines are available for rent to all. Baby Carriers, and Baby scales are available to rent by members. See options here.


Why is there a cleaning fee? Have you always had this? We have added a cleaning fee for some rentals due to the rigorous cleaning requirements at this time. It takes significantly longer to make sure products are thoroughly cleaned between customers. See more detail about this process below. 


How are you sanitizing your rental items? Pre-COVID-19, we had a thorough cleaning process for Birth Tubs, Breast Pumps, and Tens Machines, due to the intimate nature of those items. We use CaviCide which is an intermediate-level surface disinfectant that is effective against TB, HBV, HCV, viruses (hydrophilic and lipophilic), bacteria (including MRSA and VRE) and fungi. It can be used in the NICU, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories on all “hard” rental items. It is listed on the EPA’s website as a product with “Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2”  When possible we are also letting items sit for a week between rentals. 

Families are required to clean all birth tubs according to provided instructions before they return them and then we clean them as well. The process is as follows:

  1. Clean all surfaces with a germicidal detergent or 10% bleach/water solution, first removing any visible fluids and particles. 2. Disinfect all surfaces by wetting them with the cleaning solution and allowing it to remain wet for 5 to 10 minutes. 3. Rinse all surfaces with fresh water. 4. Towel dry all surfaces thoroughly before folding and packing. 5. Place pump in an appropriate container (a sink/bucket works well) and fill with a bleach/water solution (1 to 10) or other disinfecting solution. Run the solution through pump for 30 seconds. Flush pump with clean water and allow to dry before storing. 

We are recommending that all renters also disinfect tubs before use and/or allow them to sit for 1 week before use.

Baby carriers are cleaned by our professional cleaning service SF Wash between rentals. During shelter-in-place, we also recommend families wash the carriers before use. Please refer to the tag for care instructions.

Breastpumps are cleaned thoroughly upon return. We are recommending that all renters also disinfect items before use and/or that you allow them to sit for 1 week. 

Do you rent scales?  Yes we do. Please make an appointment to reserve yours.


Can I weigh my baby at your location? Yes, you can still come to Natural Resources to quickly weigh your baby. We disinfect the baby scale every morning and after each use. We ask that you make an appointment on our website. We require that you wear a mask while in the store. You will wash your hands when you arrive, use a disposable chux pad, and wash your hands when you are done.




Corporate Memberships

Do you work for a mid- to large-sized company? We now offer Corporate Memberships. We’d be super grateful if you would help us connect to your HR so we can serve more families and ensure our long-term viability. Thank you! Please email

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