The Natural Resources All Families Foundation

The Natural Resources All Families Foundation

The Natural Resources All Families Foundation is a non-profit entity focused on fundraising and grant-making to cover the gap between what San Francisco families can afford to pay, and what it actually costs the Resource Center to provide the holistic prenatal, birth, and postpartum educational and support services that we offer. By making need-based grants available upon request, the NR All Families Foundation seeks to guarantee that families with low discretionary income seeking education and support at Natural Resources can have equal opportunity and access to choices and empowerment in pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, just like their peers of greater means.



1) We will increase our scholarship offerings for families with low discretionary income who may be currently unable to take our classes or take full advantage of our offerings and support.

2) We will increase outreach through partnerships and programming to cultivate a more inclusive community (such as programming to support Queer Families and Families of Color as well as Low Income Families or Families with Low Discretionary Income).

3) We are launching a core Parent Education Program in Spanish. Natural Resources is committed to accurately reflecting the needs of families in our immediate neighborhood.

4) We will increase our free resources and support offerings and continue to staff the store with trained birth and postpartum doulas and other perinatal professionals.

5) We plan to continue fighting for fair living wages and benefits for all our employees and educators and hope to be a model for other small businesses in setting our standards at a level which matches the cost of living in the Bay Area.

Natural Resources is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under Federal Tax ID #47-4472162.

More than 7,500 companies offer matching gift programs to their employees and some offer the option to retirees. These companies match, double or even triple the amount an employee gives to a charitable organization. Natural Resources is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, under Federal Tax ID #47-4472162 – your gift could qualify for a match. Contact your human resource department to inquire.