Looking for a place to Gather? Rent our Classroom Space

Please fill out the form below to inquire about renting the Natural Resources Classroom for your Gathering. See more details about renting the space below the form.



Natural Resources offers the private use of its Classroom for a wide variety of events that uphold, support or are complementary to our mission. We do not advertise or manage registration for these events.

Reservation Availability

Reservations are available during our facilities open hours, when the space is not in use for our own offerings. Exceptions made for reservations outside the listed hours will incur a staffing fee and are accepted on a case by case basis: 

HOURS: Sunday: 11:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday: 10:30am - 6:30pm

View our calendar here to see times that may be available. 

Submit the form above to inquire about specific dates.

NOTE: Events prefixed with (V) are virtual, so the space may be available during those times.

Our space will comfortably accommodate up to 35 individuals.

Regulations + Policies

 In order to preserve our facilities while hosting private events, all renters and their guests must comply with all of the following policies and procedures of Natural Resources. 

The policies, procedures, and agreement may be amended at Natural Resources’ sole discretion.

Payment Arrangements

  • The cost of the rental must be paid in full at the conclusion of your event and no later than two weeks following the scheduled event. A fee of 5% per month may be added for late payment.
  • Payments must be made via PayPal or Zelle Include "Room Rental" and the date of reservation.
    • Zelle to accounts@naturalresources-sf.com
    • Paypal at paypal.me/nraff handle is @nraff    
  • The rental cost will be calculated per hour or be a percentage of revenue and agreed to in advance of contract signing. 
  • Rental agreements based on percentage agree to pay $50 per hour as a minimum if event income does not exceed this dollar amount. 
  • The renter will be charged a fee of $50 for every half hour the event extends beyond the rental agreement. 
  • Extensions of the rental period may be granted at the facility’s discretion, at the regular rate, if there are no conflicting events or circumstances.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

  • Renter may request one rescheduling of the rental date with at least 14 days advance notice. We can not guarantee that a suitable alternative date will be available.
  • Written requests for rescheduling or cancellations made at least 14 days in advance will not be charged a cancelation or rescheduling fee. 
  • A rescheduling request made less than 14 days of the original date shall be charged a $25 service fee.
  • Cancellations in between 7 and 14 days will be charged a $50 service fee.
  • Cancelation of less than 7 days will incur a $100 service fee.

Natural Resources reserves the right to cancel an event if the facilities are rendered unsuitable for the event due to fire or other calamity, illness, or any other occurrences beyond the control of Natural Resources. In the event of such cancellation, the Renter will not be liable for payment of any fees for canceled programs, nor will Natural Resources have any further liability or obligations with regard to the canceled events. Should such cancellation prove necessary, Natural Resources can not guarantee that we will be able to reschedule the event. 


Food, Drink and Tableware

Natural Resources does not have amenities that support food preparation. Please bring items that are already prepared. Alcohol is never permitted to be sold on the premises. Natural Resources does not provide any tableware (i.e. glasses, plates, cutlery, etc.) Natural Resources does not offer any refrigeration or freezer storage. All food must be removed by the renter or placed in the appropriate receptacles upon the end of the event rental.  

Furnishings & Supplies

In the rental space,  Natural Resources provides two 6 ft folding tables and 20 chairs if requested. BackJacks (floor seating), Yoga Mats, Blocks, Bolsters are also available


Renter may bring in decorations as they see fit, with the following restrictions: no decorations may be “pinned” or nailed to any surface, no flames aside from cake candles, no glitter or confetti. Only masking or painter’s tape that is non-damaging to surfaces or paint may be used. 

AV Equipment

In the classroom rental space, Natural Resources provides a projector that can be used for presentations. 

It is renters responsibility to make sure available components and adapters are compatible with their equipment in advance of their event.  

Setup and Cleanup

It is the renter’s responsibility to leave the rental space as it was found. The rental duration reserved must include ample set-up and clean-up time. When making your reservation, please allow enough time before and after your event or program for setting up and taking down necessary equipment and decorations and for cleaning the facility. If Natural Resources concludes that the rental space is not properly restored to its original state, there will be a clean-up fee of $50  assessed to the renter. Expenses incurred for extra cleaning, such as carpet shampooing or painting of walls will be passed along to those renting the facility. If your event generates large quantities of refuse and/or recyclables, you will be billed for their removal, so please take them with you. Natural Resources is not responsible for any items left behind. 

Safety Protocols

Masks may be required in the classroom space per the Renter’s personal policy for their event. Vaccination requirements may also be determined by the Renter. Air purifiers are available for use in the classroom and are recommended.


By signing our contract, you release Natural Resources from any potential liability. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Natural Resources and its employees for any damages, loss or injury that may occur either while participating in or receiving the services being furnished by the contractor under this agreement, or while on the premises in conjunction with such an event. 

The Renter must agree to assume complete responsibility for the replacement or repair of articles missing or damaged beyond ordinary use either by those in attendance or by persons hired by them for the event. The extent of the damage and cost of repair will be judged solely by Natural Resources based upon estimates received. 

The conduct of the guests is the Renter’s responsibility. Children must be supervised at all times. Natural Resources staff is fully empowered to ask anyone to leave on the ground of disorderly conduct, intoxication, or overstaying their contracted time.  Smoking is never allowed on the premises.