Our Place Much more than a store, Natural Resources is a community space for new families where you can come anytime to feed and change your baby as well as hydrate and feed yourself! You can speak with a knowledgeable staff member, connect with other parents, try out a wide range of carriers, and rent various parenting resources and materials. Stop by today to say hi and check out the range of products, classes, and services we offer!

Feed Your Baby

Sit in our comfortable gliders to feed, soothe, or just bond with your baby and other new parents. Let us bring you a cup of water or tea -- and even a healthy snack if you need it. Offer your baby a fresh diaper at our changing table or weigh your baby on our baby scale. Watch your child play in our safe and all natural play area while you peruse our retail selection or chat with fellow parents. Our space is here for cultivating and supporting community.

Get Educated

Bring your pregnancy, birth, and parenting questions to our warm and knowledgable staff. From pregnancy pillows and baby carriers to breast pumps and nursing bras, we are eager to share with you the holistic, evidence-based information you need to feel empowered and confident in making choices for your baby, yourself, and your family.


Natural Resources carries only the safest, most effective products for pregnancy, birth, infancy, and early childhood. If it's in our store, it's been thoroughly vetted and you can buy it with confidence that it will support your body and your child's optimal wellness and development. 

Rent Supplies

We rent out Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breastpumps as well as AquaDoula Birth Tubs and TENS machine to support your labor and birth. Call or come in the store to make your reservation. Birth tubs are often reserved well in advance. For Members Only Books, DVDS, and Baby Carriers of all kinds are available to borrow. We rent Soft Structured, Slings & Wraps including Ergo, Moby Wraps, Beco, and more. Carrier rental fee can be applied to a purchase of a carrier.
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Find Community

Having a new baby is one of the most incredible experiences of most parents' lives -- and it can also be isolating and scary. Beyond the class program where many parents make long-lasting friends for themselves and their children, Natural Resources invites all new families join our community and to come hang out in our store, rock in our gliders, and chat with other new parents to bolster the relationships that are so vital for the well being of parents in the early months and years.