Our Supporters

Natural Resources is a community center dedicated to nurturing families from pregnancy through early childhood. The organization is extremely privileged to interact with and support parents and families during this monumental time in their lives, and when, at times, family members may feel particularly vulnerable.

Earlier this year, Natural Resources’ ability to sustain operations felt particularly vulnerable as the organization found itself in an unstable lease situation. It is with enormous help from vendors, sponsors, members, and all who pitched in time, money, energy, and well wishes, that Natural Resources continues to serve the community. Now, we will be able to do even more.

We are beyond grateful to thank and recognize the tremendous contributions of those who supported the organization in its time of need. Thank you for providing for Natural Resources’ rebirth.



Slippery Fish Co-Op

Slippery Fish is a cooperative pre-preschool and preschool. We believe that each child brings a unique set of skills to the classroom. Our curriculum is child-centered, play-based and developmentally appropriate and incorporates anti-bias education and project-based work as the children mature.  Learn more

Women and Childrens' Service

Our Women and Children's Center provides care for women and children throughout their life stages. Whether you are embarking on pregnancy, have children who need expert medical care, or are facing women's health concerns, you can visit us in San Francisco at our California or St. Luke's Campuses for your health care needs. Learn more

Steve & Debbie Dells

Zephr Real Estate 

San Francisco Birth Center offers comprehensive midwifery care in a safe home-like environment. As midwives, we believe that birth is a normal physiologic process. We trust in the innate wisdom of the body and honor pregnancy and birth as a powerful time of transition in a woman's life. SF Birth Center is a comfortable place to bring your baby into the world under the gentle hands of experienced midwives. Learn more
SF Doula Group
The San Francisco Doula Group is a community of doulas practicing in the Bay Area. Understanding the needs of expectant mothers and their partners, we created sfdoulagroup.com to be a source for referrals of trained and experienced birth and postpartum professionals. Learn more
Mama's Cookies

 Homemade with natural and organic ingredients, Mama's Cookies delivers wholesome energy in a delicious package, guilt-free and highly nutritious. Our cookies are homemade in a kitchen (not a factory!) in small batches with ingredients you can pronounce, and are vegan, gluten-free and low-glycemic. Learn more


Nancy Madynski