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Natural Resources is a community center dedicated to nurturing families from pregnancy through early childhood. The organization is extremely privileged to interact with and support parents and families during this monumental time in their lives, and when, at times, family members may feel particularly vulnerable.

Earlier this year, Natural Resources’ ability to sustain operations felt particularly vulnerable as the organization found itself in an unstable lease situation. It is with enormous help from vendors, sponsors, members, and all who pitched in time, money, energy, and well wishes, that Natural Resources continues to serve the community. Now, we will be able to do even more.

We are beyond grateful to thank and recognize the tremendous contributions of those who supported the organization in its time of need. Thank you for providing for Natural Resources’ rebirth.


Thank You to our Sponsors!

Field Construction

Established in 1975, Field Construction is a full-service general contracting firm providing high-quality new construction, remodeling, renovation and construction management services throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Learn more


Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company with an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. Our modular system helps customers create beautiful interior spaces which positively impact the people who use them and our planet.

Our mission, Climate Take Back™, invites other companies to join us as we commit to running our business in a way that is restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life. Learn more

Laurie Gustafson

 Laurie Gustafson is an accomplished commercial real estate attorney with more than 25 years of experience.  Laurie focuses her practice on complex real estate, finance and construction transactions.  She assists clients, both private and public, with the acquisition and disposition of commercial real property, due diligence, financing, leasing, design and construction, development and management.  She handles a wide range of projects including offices, corporate campuses, retail, restaurant, shopping centers, multi-family, industrial, rural, infrastructure and mixed use. Laurie has also represented numerous cities throughout California as special real estate counsel on real property acquisitions, dispositions and leasing.  She has also assisted cities with the negotiation, documentation and closing on affordable housing projects. Learn more
Bobbie Baby
Bobbie is a young startups founded in SF/Bay Area addressing the needs of modern motherhood. Bobbie was born out of the founders' inability to find natural ingredient, corn syrup free formula options in the US when nursing their infants no longer became an option. Learn more
Basa Collective
BASA is the longest running dispensary in San Francisco for a reason - since 2003 we’ve been solely focused on our customers. No hype. No gimmicks. Just a wide selection of high-quality cannabis at reasonable prices. That’s it. Learn more


De Fonte Law PC

Patricia is passionate about providing estate planning services to parents with minor children and has dedicated her career to helping people protect themselves, their assets, and their families. In 2016, while at Golden Gate University to earn her LLM in Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Administration, she established De Fonte Law PC to work with families and individuals to provide the much-needed stability and peace of mind that comes from knowing an estate is in order. Learn more



theFrontSteps represents buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the San Francisco, Marin County, and Palo Alto markets. Through their website, theFrontSteps.com they educate readers about real estate in San Francisco and the Bay Area. As a leader in real estate transparency, they share all sorts of in-depth real estate market trends and data, jaw-dropping properties, recent sales, and generally the information you want but just can’t seem to find.

Often imitated, never duplicated, theFrontSteps – San Francisco Real Estate with a twist and some flavor

Learn more


Special thanks to our Legacy Supporters!

Tariq Alazraie 

Sue Baelen & Phil King

Jocelyn & Ben Blumenrose

Lee Burgess

Alex Clark 

Patricia De Fonte 

The Elman Family

The Campbell Foundation

John Grcina

Laurie Gustafson


Aimée and Tjarko Leifer

Dianne and Jim Light

Mercy Manning

Lisa Mihaly

Former San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

Laura Modi 

Jessica Pfund

Leonard Shustek

Silicon Valley Community Fund

Christina Weber 

Susan Zimmermann


Thank you to our many donors and volunteers!


Rehana Abbas

Daphne Adam

Alexander Adell

Adekunbi Adeyemo

Haneul Aharoni

Lucienne Alcea

Anna Altshuler

Haley Ameral

Shannon Arens

Maisa Arias

Alexis Armenakis

Whitney Armstrong

Wolfram Arnold

Austin/Muehleck Family

Audrey Bauer

Isadora Betancourt

Beth Blachnitzky

Anna Bloom

Gemme Bodinner

Kathryn Boudier

Fiona Brandon

Tanya Broomfield

Meg Buckwalter

Camp Rosen Family

Mathew Carson

Shya Castillo

Nancy Chang

Noopur Chaudhary

Lisa Chen

Marian Chiao

Jamie Clark

Amanda Coggin, Wolfram Arnold & Naia Arnold

Gabriella Cole

Amanda Collins

David and Karla Cook

Craig Silverstein

Fernanda Cruz

Rachel Davis

Emma Lomas deBrun

Juli Diamond

Bayley Diamond and Brad Flora

Annette Diefenthaler

Miranda Dietz

Jordan DiGiorgio

Denise Dunning

Sarah Easley

The Elenzil Family

Elizabeth Swartz

Every Mother

Merrill Feather and Keith Richey

Lee Fernandez

Nicole Ferrara

Laura Fichtenberg

Britt Fohrman

Petra Fraties

Lucy French

Aimee Fribourg

Susan Friedman

Amanda Garvey

Kuelli George

Michael Glaser

Danielle Goodman

Dawn Gordon

Elyse Gordon

Sarah Green

Jami Grich

Melissa Grimm

Caroline Griswold

Joshua Grossberg

San Francisco Doula Group

Preston Guillory

Megan Guimarin

Sejal and Eric Hall

Jason Hansen

Briana Harper

Vanessa Hartigan

Mark Hauenstein

Lindsay Hayman

Laura Hecht

Carol Herring

The Hoadley-Wetstone Family

Melitta Hoder

Seung Yen Hong

Milana Huang

Millie Pearl

Ann Hudon

Marilia Inoue

The Ishikawa Perry Family

Nicola Jacks

Katelyn Jaworski

Tiane Jennings

Molly Johnson

Ann Jonas

The Kammerud Family

Suzanne Kanick

Karin Karlsson

Camila Kaul

Andrea Keklikian

Kliza Khuner

Michelle Kim

Ronna Kincaid

Lois King

Ashley King

Ashley Koch

Will Koehler

Deborah Kogut

Orna Konig

The Krieger Family

The Kwong Family

Désirée Lara

Emily Larsen

SoiZig Le Boulch

Jenna Lebpwotz

Julie Levin

Krissi Lewis

Robin Li

Whitney Lieberman

Paul Light

The Conrad/Lin-Conrad Family

Collen Linehan 

Lori Lockamy

Marie Logan

Elizabeth Longstreth

Patricia Lord

Vera Politi

Robert MacPhee

Melissa Maher

Kristin Mancini

Kari and Craig Marble

Krystle Mariano

Natalia Maric

Rebecca Marshall

Stephani Martinez

Micah Mason

Tracy Massillon

Emily Matthews

Caitlin Mefford

Tamara Mendelsohn

Leonard Mendonca

Sarah Metz

San Francisco Home Birth Collective

Danny Montoya

Sine Morris

Madelyn Mullen

Joseph Mulligan

Nicolle Murphy

Rowan Nairalez

Alexandra Nangle

Krissa Nichols

Heather Nodelman

Sarah O'Halloran

Sarah Paden

Ownjung Park

Celine Parker

Reva Parness

Paden Santos Family

Carla Pellicano

Tiffany Pfeiffer

Heather, Derek, & Riley Steer

Helen Phillips

Ellen Powers

Robyn Purchia

Iso Rabins

Kim Racca

Amy, Adam, Everest & Eden Reeves

Elizabeth Riddle

River Drum

Dominique Rodriguez

Katherine Rosch

Emily Rosenberg

Diehl Ryu Family

Margarita Salasyuk

Kristen Salmeen

Michelle Salomon

Lauren Salvo

Luke Sandberg

Yuliya Sas

Yve Saville

Johann Scheidt

Greta Schoenberg

Allyson Schrader

Kristen Schroer 

Monica Scott

Olivia Shapiro

Shah Family

Sierra Peterson

Christopher Slama

Larkin, Pender and Avery

Madison, Andrew and James

Sarah Snyder

Faye Sofaer

The Spiels

Ashley Stern

Jennifer Tan

Doris Tang

Crystal Taylor

The Tcheyan Cousins

Christine Tieu

Tom-Zamudio Family

Julia Trost

Karen Tsai + Jon Logan

Helen Tsao

Cassia Van  Der Hoof Holstein

Elainea Vera

Jayme Walker

Matt and Erika Warren

Jason Waughtal

Robin Weir Photography

Naomi Wetmore

Bill White

Christie White

Lindsey Whitehouse

Erin Wilkes

Emily Wilson

Alicia Yanez

Janie Yu

Landon Zaki

Ginny Zeppa Knox and Family

Erin Zuccaro