80s Family Dance Party! In Person

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Danita McGinnis


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    Looking for an activity you and the kids will enjoy? Tired of "kiddie" music on repeat?

    You asked for it - join us at Zoom Zoom Room, our first NR Dance Party! For all ages, from babies to seniors.

    We'll be pumping the best (kid-appropriate) 80s jamz for an afternoon of pure fun. Jump, twirl, or moonwalk at this baby- & toddler-friendly 80s dance party for the whole family (or at least up until whatever age they decide parents are embarrassing 😉) - come with your babe, tot, or older child.

    Let them do the worm under the disco lights, bounce after the bubbles from the bubble machine 🫧, or twirl under the giant playsilk.

    Whatever their moves, they'll be tired out for bedtime!

    Let's go crazy! ♫💜

    Throughout- you are free to take time out to feed or comfort your baby, crying babies are welcome!


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