Picture of January Moon Dewdrop Arch teething bracelet
A baby in a person's arms is holding the Dewdrop Arch teething bracelet and playing with the Dewdrop Balance necklace that the person is wearing

Arch Teething Bracelet - Dewdrop


January Moon

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Choose your own adventure! The Arch Bracelet in Dewdrop is equal parts fashion and fidget. Wonderfully wearable for individuals with sensory needs, a totally awesome teether for soothing sore little gums, and an excellent addition to any contemporary wardrobe, Dewdrop is there for you, whatever you need. Made with high quality materials such as food grade silicone and stretch elastic, Dewdrop is design-forward, ultra-durable, and versatile.

  • 8.5″ on stretch elastic
  • Easy-to-wear, stretch designs are ideal for stacking
  • Age recommendation is 3 months +
  • Designed and handmade in Nashville, TN
  • Premium materials include: 100% non-toxic silicone, polyester stretch cord and 18k gold plated bead
  • To clean, simply wash with soap and warm water. Let air dry.

*Parental supervision required AT ALL TIMES when products are being enjoyed by babies, small children, or persons with special needs.

Physical Description:

The bracelet has a gold fastener bead holding the ends of the metallic gold elastic, and four round olive green beads, a round pale blue bead, and a long (more than 50% of the bracelet circumference), beige, curved tube (macaroni) shaped bead.