Baby Sleep Solutions (5-12 months): Virtual

Baby Sleep Solutions (5-12 months): Virtual

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  • The non-member rate for this workshop is $65 and the member rate is $50 for 1 Caregiver. Click here to purchase your membership today.

    This workshop is designed for parents of babies 5-12 months.

    Through this workshop parents will learn how to establish good sleep habits and a healthy schedule for their babies and themselves using The Millette Method™. The Millette Method™ is a multi-disciplinary approach to infant and child sleep problems inclusive of a wide-range of sleep methods and arrangements.

    Rather than following one specific sleep program, The Millette Method™ takes into account family schedule, infant/child development, temperament, and parenting philosophy all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental overwhelm, depression, and anxiety.

    If your baby is under 5 months of age check out our Baby Sleep Solutions (0-4 months) session.

    Please Note:

    -Babies are welcome to attend.*
    -Topics covered during this session are outlined in the Details tab.
    -Caregivers of the same child are encouraged to attend and receive a discounted registration rate.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.