Babyproofing Your Relationship: Virtual

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Aaron Steinberg


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    This workshop is designed to benefit parents from pregnancy through toddlerhood.

    You got the plug protectors, the foam bumpers for furniture, and three kinds of safety gates, but what about protection for your relationship? Parenthood is a well-documented fast-track to poor communication and disconnection. The lack of sleep, intimacy, and time to yourself, and the added responsibility for one or more other lives, is sure to grab your shoulders and give a firm shake to your romantic foundation, exacerbate any previous issues, and bring new ones to the surface. But you can prepare, you can repair, you can babyproof your marriage.

    During this workshop you will:

    -Learn simple, powerful ways of reflecting on both yourself individually and as a couple regarding dynamics that arise in parenthood.
    -Time for journaling and reflection is built into this workshop.
    -Practical tools to help you navigate this journey together to actually bring you closer and more connected.

    Please Note:

    -Partners are included in the registration rate.
    -We kindly ask that you leave your little ones at home, so you get as much as possible out of this wonderful class.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.

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