Picture of the January Moon Mayflower Balance Teething Necklace against a gray background
A baby in a person's arms playing with the Mayflower Balance Teething Necklace that is being worn by the adult. The baby has short brown hair, blue eyes, and a pale skin tone and is wearing a cream-colored ribbed onesie. The person is wearing a cream colored top and we can see one of their hands, which has two rings on the fingers and the Mayflower Teething Bracelet on the wrist.

Balance Teething Necklace - Mayflower


January Moon

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Like spotting the earliest blooms of spring after a long winter, our new Mayflower Necklace embodies hope, light, and new beginnings. Made with our custom, hand-cut, non-toxic, chewable beads in shades of ivory, cornflower, and periwinkle, Mayflower is feminine, functional, and makes a perfect gift for that very first Mother’s Day.

  • 36” long
  • Age recommendation is 3 months +
  • Designed and handmade in Nashville, TN
  • Premium materials include: 100% non-toxic silicone, FSC wood and an exclusive January Moon safety breakaway clasp
  • To clean, simply wash with soap and warm water. Let air dry.

*Parental supervision required AT ALL TIMES when products are being enjoyed by babies, small children, or persons with special needs.

Physical Description:

The necklace has a thick light brown twill cord with a brown plastic breakaway clasp at the neck. The beaded section takes up about the bottom 20% of the length of the necklace and the beads are different shapes and colors providing an asymmetrical look. The silicone bead shapes include ellipsoid (flattened spheres), half spheres, cylinder, and a long curved round tube. There is also one disc-shaped light colored wood bead. The silicone colors are cornflower blue, ivory, and dark honey.