Better Than Organic Cloth Prefold Diapers 6 Pack
Better Than Organic Cloth Prefold Diapers 6 Pack

Better Than Organic Cloth Prefold Diapers 6 Pack

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A long-lasting, diaper-service quality Indian prefold. Made to last through multiple children. These are top-of-the-line prefold diapers, unlike anything you will find on the shelves of department stores.

These diapers are under Oeko-Tex 100 certification and are Better Than Organic. They have no harmful chemical residues in the finished product. This means no chemicals are added throughout the entire manufacturing process!  Even organic fibers can be treated with chemicals throughout the manufacturing process, Oeko-Tex standards include testing of finished products to ensure no harmful contaminants are found in the finished product.

These diapers are double woven for durability.  They take 4-5 washes to quilt up completely and be ready for use.

What is the difference between Indian and Chinese Prefolds? Indian Prefolds are softer, thicker, a bit smaller and significantly more durable. These are twill weave cotton which is a heavier and more absorbent and durable than gauze used in "Chinese" prefolds. The material is washed prior to weaving to minimize shrinking. The finished diapers quilt up nicely, are very soft and durable, lint free and extremely absorbent. 

**they also make great burp cloths**

Ethically Made in Pakistan of 100% cotton.

We offer the Infant and Medium sizes:

Newborn 4-9 pounds
Small 6-14 pounds
Infant 8-16 pounds
Medium 15-30 pounds
Large 30-45 pounds

Color-coded for easy sorting. Measurements are before ~15% shrinkage.

Size Thread Ply   Measures
Newborn Natural 2-6-2   9.5" x 12" 35g
Small Orange 4-6-4   11" x 14" 63g
Infant Natural 4-8-4   12" x 16" 84g
Medium Red 4-8-4   14" x 18" 110g
Large Yellow 4-8-4   17" x 21" 168g


The weight directly reflects the absorbency. If you need more absorbency you can double up or size up.