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By Celia Jaber

Book of Opposites – العكس كتاب

The Opposites Book, the bilingual way!

A creative take on the opposite concept. One book. Two front covers, and two languages. Open the English side first, or start with the Arabic side. Be playful and go back and forth to compare and learn. The two sides are pretty much same same, but

A short story that sums up your growing baby’s daily favorite activities (and moods). Perfect for reading during playtime and before day naps. At 9 months, babies are really interested in using their hands and motor skills to explore their surroundings. You might find that their favorite activity is tapping two objects together. Later on, around 16-18 months, when toddlers typically start talking, pointing and repeating words from books is a new favorite activity that this short and interactive book is great for!

Bonus playtime

The drawings on each side are slightly different. Can you spot the differences?

Design Details

● Suitable for babies aged 9 month+
● Square format with rounded edges: 6 x 6 in
● 24 pages, 700 gsm
● High-contrast colored illustrations
● Bilingual text – Arabic and English

Board Book

Pages: 24

Target Age: 9m+