Childbirth Prep 6 Week Series: Virtual

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    We strongly recommend that you complete your prenatal education no later than your 36th week of pregnancy. Starting this course between weeks 28-32 will allow you time to comfortably integrate the content into your birth preparation and further explore topics that spark your interest.

    Note: Many classes fill up quickly! The earlier you register, the more options and flexibility you'll have regarding class dates and times.

    The Natural Resources Childbirth Prep 6 Week course educates and empowers parents to make informed decisions around the birth of their child. Each educator presents the skills and knowledge which most greatly encourage a supported, calm, and positive labor and birth. Built into the framework of the course are practices of deep relaxation, breath work, visualization and mindfulness. Educators thoroughly frame birth as normal and natural while providing tools for understanding and working with fear.

    At times, the curriculum may resonate with Hypnobirthing or HypnoBabies, Bradley, Lamaze, Birthing From Within or Birthworks, Mindfulness Based Childbirth Prep or Calm Birth. Rather than a single method, the Natural Resources Childbirth Prep course is designed to cover extensive ground which is particularly relevant to labor and birth in the San Francisco Bay Area. This ensures that each family is empowered and informed to find what works best for them. All of the Childbirth instructors also draw from practical experience attending births or working with new parents and babies directly. While many of the birthing people taking this class will go on to have unmedicated births, our real focus is on "normal" or physiologic birth. We define "normal birth" as birth with confidence and joy rather than with fear guiding decisions or actions.

    Please Note:

    -The “Details” tab holds specific information regarding each session in this series.
    -The course fee includes a supplemental digital booklet filled with supporting information and resources.

    -Your facilitator will assist the group in scheduling an in person, student meet up during the course of your series and a Reunion following the births of all babies.
    -The registration fee includes a support person.
    -This class is intended for pregnant people. If you are not pregnant or you are interested in attending as a professional please contact us at for more information.

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