Chocolate Vulva
Chocolate Vulva
Chocolate Vulva
Chocolate Vulva
Chocolate Vulva

Chocolate Vulva


Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Crafts Co

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Diversity comes in all flavors! We've got peppermint, caramelized, or divine dark chocolate.

Rabble-Rouser is raising $100,000 for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England with 100,000 Vulvas, naturally made with the best chocolate available. Each one you buy supports reproductive healthcare and sexuality education.

Complete with an educational collectors card designed by Dutch illustrator Hilde Atalanta of The Vulva Gallery in collaboration with our Chocolate Vulva campaign, these beautiful confections are great for the office (well, most offices), friends, and wedding or baby showers; for women, men, girls, and everyone.


Peppermint: organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic milk, organic raspberries, pure vanilla extract, Non-GMO soy lecithin

Caramelized: cocoa butter, sugar, milk, whey, butter, Non-GMO soy lecithin, vanilla, sea salt

Divine Dark: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar

About the Brand:

Originally an insult hurled at suffragettes and troublemakers, "Rabble-Rouser" describes our mission of tasteful social change. We pour luscious chocolate by hand using top-quality cacao beans, and we return fair wages to the farmers who grow them. Once you taste it, you come back again and again.
We distribute our famous Vermont Granola, chocolate bars, CBD confections and other handcrafted delights to food coops and independent grocers across the country.
Rabble-Rouser is 100% employee owned. Our pride shows in every bite. We invite you to spread the love, stir up some trouble, and for goodness sake, demand great chocolate!