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Chronic Hope


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Chronic Hope: Raising a Child with Chronic Illness with Grace, Courage, and Love

By Bonnie O'Neil with foreword by Gary Scheiner

Chronic Hope is a long drink of cool water for the parent thirsting for practical wisdom in navigating the emotional stress of raising their chronically ill child.

Leaning on Bonnie O'Neil's personal experience as a caregiver Chronic Hope delivers practical insight and solutions while avoiding the tone of a typical self-help book. Instead, it reads like a conversation with a friend, where one parent's stories give the other parent permission to feel the full range of their emotions and encourages them to discover hope in the long journey. Readers witness Bonnie's mistakes and missteps, glean from her revelations, and find inspiration in the principles and attitudes she begins to apply to everyday situations. Through story and reflection, Bonnie gently shares a vision of navigating chronic disease with strength, resilience and loving self-sacrifice.

Chronic Hope leverages one family's journey raising a child with chronic illness and provides readers the tools necessary to process their own emotional responses to the unexpected path ahead of them. Thematically, Chronic Hope begins deep within the heart of the caregiver and gradually works itself outward into each relationship within the family, and eventually into the wider world.

Chronic Hope offers a fresh vision of hope in the darkest valleys of illness, suffering, and broken dreams.


Pages: 224

Published: 2021