Comfort Measures for Labor - Mindfulness, Movement, & Massage: In Person

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  • Class Description

    We strongly recommend that you complete your prenatal education no later than your 36th week of pregnancy. Completing this course between weeks 28-32 will allow you time to comfortably integrate the content into your birth preparation and further explore topics that spark your interest.

    This stand alone comfort measure workshop has been designed to provide an abundance of labor resources, both emotionally and physically, for the birthing person and a partner or support person.

    Birth is a transformative event for the parent(s) and baby, and while the anticipation of birth may bring up a range of emotions, there are tools that can help bring calm, grounding, and purpose to the process.

    Folks may find this course especially useful if you have experienced any of the following:

    -You attended a hospital childbirth course and feel you need additional support preparing for the birth event.
    -You are expecting your second, third, or fourth baby and want to learn new skills for labor and birth or refresh previous skills.

    Please Note:

    -Content covered in these sessions is included in the Details section below.
    -A partner or support person is included in the registration rate.
    -This class is intended for pregnant people. If you are not pregnant or you are interested in attending as a professional please contact us at for more information.

  • Details

    This course will provide the following and more:

    -Conscious Movement
    -Comfort Measures
    -Massage Techniques
    -Mindfulness Practices
    -Practice Time!

  • Facilitator(s)

    Reise Tanner is a seasoned doula, educator, Certified Life Coach for moms, helpers and healers, Advanced Birthing From Within Mentor, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and mother who has worked with hundreds of families on their birth journeys. She believes that each birth has the power to be transformative and meaningful for everyone involved and that those who support new parents deserve support, as well. Her mission is to change the world by shifting the culture around birth, making it friendlier to mothers, babies and the next generation.

    She is currently completing a graduate degree in Depth Psychology and certification in Eco-Psychology, writing about birth and mothering, and facilitating new mom groups—including her signature programs: Wild Return and Wild & Rooted. She has attended many midwifery and birth-related trainings in the US and abroad, spoken publicly on several panels and presented to the medical community. She has also been a yoga instructor since 1997, a holistic women's health practitioner certified in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy for pregnancy, postpartum and newborns, and a Lactation Counselor.

    Reise first began birthwork after attending the Natural Resources doula training (just for fun) and is a longstanding member of the core education team. Her classes blend practical information, up-to-date research, fresh insight, traditional wisdom, story-telling and experiential learning that engages mind and body in a sacred and supportive space.

    Lauren Miller Brown is a San Francisco Bay Area native who specializes in providing nurturing, connective, therapeutic massage, doula services and childbirth education classes. She has been a birth doula for since 2007 and feel very fortunate that she is so passionate about her work and that she found it at such a young age. Her work continues to inspire her to this day and she can't imagine doing anything else.

    Lauren's road to birth work began after taking a Doulas of North America training in 2007. After completing her Doula certification she enrolled in Alive and Well! The Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Marin County. Lauren completed her massage training in 2008 and has been working as a bodyworker ever since. After massage school, Lauren worked as a massage therapist at The Mindful Body in San Francisco from 2009-2015, focusing on prenatal massage in particular, as well as with a wide variety of clients, including athletes, yogis, and San Francisco's tech community.

    Jewel Buchanan-Boone (also known as HoneyB) is a Renaissance woman living and loving in Oakland, California. A Full Spectrum Birthworker, Cultural Producer, Emcee, Community Sex-Birth-Health Educator, and Village Aunty, Jewel loves creating spaces for authentic expression and shared learning. A fierce reproductive justice advocate, Jewel has been featured in interviews with ATTN, Oaklandside, and the Oakland Better Birth Foundation. Her writing has been published in Birth Work As Care Work, Kearny Street Workshop's Interdisciplinary Writers Lab 2021 Chapbook, and Liwanag Vol. 3. When she's not teaching with Natural Resources, Jewel can be found advocating for birthing folks, teaching her Dance Baby Down workshops, making placenta art, or perched on the porch with her cat, B. For collaborations, workshop requests, or media requests contact her via email at