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Emily Flynn

Doula Contracts During Covid

  • Wondering how to tailor your written business materials to fit your needs best during Covid? This workshop will help walk you through the various options for amending or reworking your contracts, online service offerings, and other practice documents to suit the unique needs and health concerns of you and your practice. This will help facilitate authentic, reasonable, and sustainability-minded expectations for both your clients and yourself.

    There's no doubt that things are drastically different for birthworkers and in-home care takers in the time of Covid-19. Some of us have switched to virtual care, there's been denial of birth doula entry in hospitals, our status as "essential" has changed over the past few months, we have unique home circumstances that make asking for post-hospital quarantine seem reasonable, our jobs are less secure than ever and new and expectant parents need us more than ever.

    In this workshop, veteran doula Em Flynn will facilitate a discussion for birthworkers and in home child care providers on how to communicate our ever changing needs in writing (in print and online) to best clarify our personal and practice needs during Covid-19 to continue to be able to take clients and adapt to last minute changes with flexibility, security, safety, and community support.

    This is not a full contract writing class or a replacement for legal advice (though, there will be some great information on how to access legal support for some of the trickiest of clauses and disputes). This class is focusing our attention to the issues most pressing around Covid-19 and birth/care work.

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