Ecstatic Baby Dance: In Person

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Jasmine Phillips

Please note: Masks are recommended for adults and children. Donations for this offering can be made directly to the facilitator at the time of the event.


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    This is a space for parents and their little ones to come together and move their bodies in a fun and playful way. Through a combination of guided and free form movement, you will have a chance to be present with your body and your little one, and build community with other parents.

    We will begin with an opening circle, where we will get a chance to meet one another, and continue with a short guided movement, gentle stretching, moving and warming up our bodies, and interacting with our little ones. The focus will be on how our bodies feel from the inside instead of how it looks or what we'd like it to be capable of.

    This may be the first time you've moved since your body has gone through some major changes, we will practice self-compassion and curiosity to establish a new connection with the joy of movement. There will also be time for free form movement, and a variety of different rhythms to get you going. Throughout- you are free to take time out to feed or comfort your baby, crying babies are welcome!


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