Fair Trade Wooden Dinosaur Mobile

Fair Trade Wooden Dinosaur Mobile


Best Years Ltd

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Handmade fair trade wooden dinosaur mobile. Why have a mobile? A mobile is not just for decoration, it also helps the baby’s eyes. When a baby is watching a mobile, their eyes move backwards and forwards as the mobile moves, and then as they grow older they move their head to follow the movement. This helps strengthen the muscles in the eyes and the neck. A mobile also helps the baby develop the ability to judge distances and their spatial awareness.

Our light weight mobile comprises of 6 brightly coloured dinosaurs and trees and rocks - guaranteed to capture your baby’s attention.

Please note that this is not a toy and has not been safety tested as a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children. For decorative purposes only.

Material: Sustainably sourced wood, non-toxic paints

Approx. Dimensions:
Pieces: 3 - 7cm Hanging length: 40cm

Ethically sourced from:
Best Years' fair trade partner in Sri Lanka

Physical Description: The mobile has four arms at the top in the shape of prehistoric trees, that curve down in an X shape. Wooden pieces in the shapes of brightly painted dinosaurs, trees, and rocks hang with black string at various heights from the ends of the four arms and from the center. There are two figures per string.