All Ages Family Dance Party! Valentine's Edition: In Person

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    Looking for an activity you AND the kids will enjoy? Feeling over hearing "kiddie" music on repeat?

    Our NR Family Dance Party returns with a special Valentine's Day Edition! For all ages, from babies to seniors. 

    From Kelis to BTS, come out for a genre-crossing romp celebrating LOVE - for our children, our partners, our community, and ourSELVES! ❤️❤️❤️

    Our kid-appropriate*, ultra-danceable tracks will have everyone bopping! Join them in jumping under the disco lights, bouncing after the bubbles from the bubble machine 🫧, or twirling under the giant playsilk. Whatever their moves, they'll be tired out for bedtime!

    We invite you to lean into the theme by wearing pink, red, or hearts! We'll also have awesome music & dance accessories (like castanets, shakers, and dance scarves) to inspire everyone to shake, shimmy, and groove!

    Throughout- you are free to take time out in our nursing area or play area - feed or comfort your baby, have a snack or water break, or get a change of pace if anyone is feeling overstimulated.


    *Detailed content info:
    Songs included are the kind of thing you could expect to hear out in public settings, on the radio, or even at Natural Resources on a regular day, as they all pass our explicit content filter. Based on our own experiences of being small once, young kids don't pay very close attention to lyrics and much flew over our heads at that age, but we understand that in a setting where people may be singing along, some parents may wish to scrutinize content more closely for the dance party itself.

    Here's detailed info about the lyrical content you might hear:

    Violence: There is no mention of violence, with the exception that the song I Would Die 4 U does contain the line, "I'll never beat you, I'll never lie."

    Language: There are no hard curse words, such as the f word, b word, c word, sh*t, etc. You may hear "god" and I think there is one "hella" slipped in there.  

    Sexual Content: There is no overtly sexual language. There is innuendo, since this is very difficult to avoid entirely in popular music, but of the kind that is likely to go over kids' heads, and there is romantic content.

    Drug Use: There are no explicit references to drug use. 

    Drinking, smoking: One song does contain the line, "I can keep it chill like a sauvignon blanc," but we don't think any little ones will know what that is. Other than that, there won't be any explicit references to alcohol, being drunk, or lighting up smoking material, but there might be phrases like "grab another drink." Clearly they mean milk or juice! 😉




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