Music Magic - A Parent, Baby, and Toddler Music Series: In-person

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Phoenix Song

Please note: Masks & proof of vaccine REQUIRED for adults. Vaccines strongly recommend for children over 6 months. Masks strongly recommended for children over 2 years.


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    The non-member rate for this 4-session series is $120 and the member rate is $100. Click here to purchase your membership today.

    This class is for parents and caregivers with children from birth to age three.

    Sing easy songs in Spanish, English, and other African languages and incorporate body and finger movements as you sing. Class will consist of many beautiful songs from around the world, rhythm and percussion experiences, introduction to world instruments to move to (Native flute, Indian strings, harmonica, hand pans, didgeridoo, African and Latin percussion), and music making with shakers, drums, and your body, of course (clapping, stomping, snapping, playing other parts of your body). Bring your baby/toddler and enjoy music making. No pressure or expectations for your child to sing or clap along or move or play music. Just being in the room, they will absorb music and learn from watching their parents play.

    Making music helps the body and mind work together, stimulates thinking and expressive skills, and enhances creativity. It also relieves stress and increases bonding for everyone, while also supporting your child’s language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Songs have the power to lift a baby or toddler’s spirits or calm and soothe them — which can set the stage for self-regulation. Music-making also improves neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to form new pathways as a result of “experiences,” or learning, through influences such as sound, sensation, movement and attention).

    We'll be singing, dancing, drumming, making music, and getting expressive together with songs from around the world. As a parent, you will also reap the benefits of song and music with your child for 45 minutes a week!

    Phoenix's workshops with Natural Resources is adapted from their well-known Free your Voice Adult 10 Week Series. Adults and babies alike will find joy and purpose in each session.

    Please Note:

    - Registration includes one child and one caregiver.
    - Your body is your instrument. Bringing your own additional percussion instruments is welcome, although not required.