Growing Up Prebiotic Supplement
Growing Up Prebiotic Supplement
Growing Up Prebiotic Supplement

Growing Up Prebiotic Supplement

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95% of toddlers and kids (and adults!) don’t consume the recommended amount of daily fiber. 

Begin Growing Up Prebiotics provide 3 grams of high quality plant based fiber from chicory root and HMO (human milk oligosaccharides, derived from milk with a molecular structure identical to the one found in breast milk), that can be consumed conveniently on-the-go.

  • Feeds friendly bacteria in the gut
  • Helps to regulate normal intestine function
  • Helps to improve bowel movements and regularity
  • Supports a healthy and balanced digestive system

Helps kids’ poop ‘slip out better’. A high quality and gentle blend for regular poopies, predictable potty time, and improved gut health.

  • Helps kids poop without pain

  • Unflavored, perfect for picky eaters - mix into any drink, yogurt, or baby food/mash

  • Recommended by pediatricians

  • Includes 7 or 28 individual packets

Suggested use: As a prebiotic supplement for toddlers ages 1yr to 3yrs, we recommend one (1) packet daily. For kids ages 4yrs and up, we recommend up to two (2) packets daily given separately. During the introductory period, some toddlers and kids may experience small amounts of gas or bloating. We recommend starting with half a packet and gradually reaching the recommended amount over several days.

Directions: Mix the contents of one (1) packet into at least 4-6 oz. of fluid such as milk, water or a preferred drink; prebiotic powder may also be easily mixed with yogurt and other foods as part of a snack or meal.

Cautionary statement: If your toddler or kid is taking any medication or has a medical condition, consult their health care professional prior to using this product.