Hot Toddy Kit
Hot Toddy Kit

Hot Toddy Kit



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Our Hot Toddy Kits give you everything you need to keep warm as the temperature begins to drop. Hot toddies provide instant relief when you are feeling cold, stuffy, or achy. You can easily make with or without alcohol. Be prepared this cold season.

The hot toddy is believed to have gotten it’s name from the Indian tadi. It is said that the British added spices to liquor to recreate the flavors of the tadi. What’s a tadi, you ask? Tadi is a fermented drink made out of the sap of a toddy palm.

Flavor: Warm and Spiced

Brew Instructions:
Add 3-4 teaspoons into 8 oz of water
Sweeten with Lemon honey or honey of choice
Garnish with fresh lemon and cinnamon stick
Feel free to add a shot of whiskey, gin or rum.
We Never Use Artificial/ Natural Flavors in our tea blends. What you taste is only the herbs listed below.

Ingredients: Cinnamon bark, Orange peels, Ginger Root, Star Anise, Ashwagandha Root, Dandelion Root, Pepper & Cloves.

What's Included: Rose gold tea steeper, 3 oz bag of Hot toddy herbal blend, 1/3 lb  lemon infused raw local honey, bundle of cinnamon sticks, wooden honey dipper, step-by-step recipe card - all snug in a cardboard box.


Made in California

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