Kids Wipe Clean Apron - Plum Sheep
Kids Wipe Clean Apron - Plum Sheep

Kids Wipe Clean Apron - Plum Sheep


Splash Fabrics

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We invite you to splatter, slop, cook, clean, garden, paint and enjoy life with Splash Fabric kid's aprons. Every kid needs a favorite apron! Keeps clothes clean from mud pies, cookie dough and artistic splatters. Ties generous enough to wrap around your waist and tie in front.

Made to fit ages 2-8. 17"w x 18" h, 24" adjustable tie

Handmade in Seattle.


  • 100% Cotton, Laminated
  • Splash, Slop, Spill Proof 
  • Durable & Long-Lasting

This innovative fabric is made out of a water-based urethane. This protective layer is rolled out in the factory and heat-set to the cotton, as opposed to using nasty chemicals.

The result is a creamy, durable, soft, and all-around fantastic-feeling fabric. It is made out of materials that will eventually biodegrade, but that won't happen until you are long done using it. Tested in accordance with the FDA specifications for food safety by The Hong Kong Standards And Testing Centre Ltd. As well its eco-friendly attributes from OEKO-TEX. Proud to say it has the seal of approval from both! 

BPA & Phthalate-free, food-safe and earth-safe. UV rays harm fabric. Prolonged direct sun will discolor fabric. Wipe clean with damp cloth, scrub stains on back side. Machine wash warm okay, hang dry, iron low on back.