Avanchy La Petit Silicone Transition Cup in Green
Avanchy La Petit Silicone Transition Cup in yellow
Hand holding the Avanchy Silicone Transition Cup in green
La Petit Silicone Training Cup with Straw

La Petit Silicone Training Cup with Straw



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Undeveloped motor skills make drinking challenging for little ones, as you well know. But sippy cups don't really teach kids how to drink from a regular cup. And you can't hand them a bottle forever.

That's why Avanchy set out to design a better alternative: La Petite Cup, a 21st-century take on the sippy cup.

First, we swapped out toxic plastic materials for safer silicone.

Then, we gave this baby cup a more grown-up design, with an eco-friendly straw in place of a spout.

Finally, we gave the cup angled bottom corners for extra stability.

The bottom line: La Petite Cup makes the transition from bottles to cups easier for everybody.

La Petite Cup's ultimate feature is dedicated airflow, which reduces the degree of suction needed to pull liquids through the straw. This makes drinking far easier for young ones.

The straw also has a stopper on the end, so the straw can't be pulled out from the top. Another of Avanchy's mess-prevention innovations!