I Am the Wind

I Am the Wind


Page Street Kids

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Written by Michael Karg and illustrated by Sophie Diao

Illustrated by Bay Area resident & Natural Resources customer Sophie Diao. Named one of 2020's Best Picture Books of the Year by Kirkus Reviews - congratulations, Sophie!

Join the wind as it swings, swirls, and soars on its remarkable journey around the globe.

I whoosh over tundra,
yodel over Everest,
skim westward on whitecaps!

With dynamic text and atmospheric illustrations, this book invites you to celebrates the world all around us through the unique perspective of the wind. Journey through the frozen forests and bayou bogs, wonder at the northern lights, and meet unique animals like wolverines and olinguitos along the way.

I am the wind and I am everywhere!


Target Age: 4-9 years

Published: 2020

Pages: 32