Luxury Muslin Swaddle - Someday
Luxury Muslin Swaddle - Someday
Luxury Muslin Swaddle - Someday

Luxury Muslin Swaddle - Someday


Bebe au Lait

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From Bebe au Lait's World Map + Someday Collection

Muslin swaddle blankets are the versatile baby item that you'll find uses for everywhere - as a sun shade for a car seat or stroller or light blanket if it's chilly, nursing cover, burp cloth, impromptu bib, picnic blanket or place to set baby, changing pad, lovey, and of course, swaddling. Throw a couple in your diaper bag and simplify your life!


Have you ever heard the sound of sweet silence after wrapping your little one up in a Bebe au Lait swaddle blanket? They're perfect for tender newborn skin, a godsend for everyone's sleep habits, and provide plenty of versatility to be used long after infancy.

  • Single Someday Swaddle Blanket
  • Ultra-soft and breathable muslin blend: 70% viscose made from bamboo, 30% cotton
  • Ideal size for a cozy and secure swaddle: 47” x 47”
  • Multi-use: swaddle wrap, sunshade* over car seat or stroller, light blanket
  • Machine washable for easy care

Check out this helpful video from the Hip Dysplasia Institute on easy, hip-healthy swaddling!

*This product has not been tested for UV protection