Main Street Mamas - Mothers in Business In-Person Meet-up!


Alice Light and Patricia De Fonte

Please note: Masks & proof of vaccine is required for this in-person offering. Please bring card or digital version with you.


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    This event is for all Main Street Mamas who own a business. Why the image of purses? Because we love to see money flow from #pursetopurse!

    Don't forget to:

    -Bring your business cards.
    -Bring samples of what you do.
    -Wear what you wear when you are engaging with clients so that we meet the "business" you.

    This is a safe space to:

    -Promote your business shamelessly.
    -Ask for help and advice in a supportive environment.
    -Share your wins and celebrate with other women who believe we all rise by lifting each other UP!

    We will talk about:

    -How to best support each other through social media.
    -Spotting potential for collaboration.
    -Anything else we want to discuss.

    Food will not be served (Thank you to Alice at Natural Resources for hosting!) but there will be non alcoholic drinks served.

    There is a parking lot around the corner from Natural Resources on 21st Street between Valencia and Bartlett.

    Hosted by Alice Light of Natural Resources & Patricia De Fonte of De Fonte Law PC, Estate Planning with Heart. Thank you for Vanessa Wauchope Welstead for MSM and #msmmomsinbusinss!

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