Mini Deluxe Scooter - Pink
Mini Deluxe Scooter - Pink

Mini Deluxe Scooter - Pink


Micro Kickboard

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The Mini Deluxe scooter grows with kids ages 2-5 and is virtually indestructible. Micro offers the highest quality scooters in terms of design and construction, meaning you can rest assured that it will last from adventure to adventure, year to year, and child to child.

The Mini Deluxe offers a wide range of features that make it super fun and comfortable to ride:

  • a low-to-the-ground deck for easy scooting
  • ultra-comfortable hand grips for tiny hands
  • stable 3-wheel design with safe lean-to-steer mechanism
  • silicone-injected deck to prevent slipping
  • height-adjustable handlebar
  • rear brake
  • anodized stem

The Micro Mini has the smoothest, quietest ride available thanks to high-quality materials through and through. Thick polyurethane wheels and a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck work together to absorb bumps in the sidewalk, making it the perfect companion for any outing.

An original proprietor of the lean-to-steer design, Micro Kickboard has seen it all when it comes to scooter engineering and fully recommend the lean-to-steer method as the safest and most fun way for kids to ride. The T-bar provides stability as children steer by using their body weight to lean right or left. This intuitive way of steering limits jerky turns and develops essential balance and coordination skills.

Safety certified by the CPSC, the Micro Mini is recommended for children up to 110 lbs. (* The maximum load for Minis recently increased to 50kg or 110lbs following as a result of updated testing. The super-strong Mini was tested for a higher maximum load and tests showed a new higher rating on all the Micro Mini styles.) 

SAFETY - For best protection, we strongly recommend that children wear helmets and knee pads when riding. Non-marking wheels allow children to learn to scoot in the safety of your home.