Baby + Me Circle: In Person in Larkspur

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Lauren Miller Brown

Please note: Masks & proof of vaccine (w/booster) is required for this in-person class. Please bring card or digital version to class.


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This group will be held in person at Love Story Yoga in Larkspur.

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  • Class Description

    This five week series has been crafted for parents of little ones in the first six months of life. Open to parents of babies not yet crawling.

    Parenthood is a winding journey full of beautiful surprises and sudden turns as our babies grow and develop more quickly in their first year than during any other period of their life. While each new phase, stage, and progression brings new ways to engage, bond, and support our babies, parents often find themselves longing to connect with others experiencing the whirlwind of their infant’s life.

    Throughout the course of this series you will connect with other parents through meaningful discussions, move your body outdoors, and explore your own transformation as a parent to your baby.

    Parents will be carefully guided by new parent Lauren Miller Brown to bring to light similarities, challenges, and joys of parenting new babies.

    Please Note:

    -Content covered in these sessions is included in the Details section below.
    - Session 1 and 5 will meet at Love Story Yoga for the entire session.
    - Session 2, 3, & 4  will incorporate an outdoors walk for the last thirty minutes of each session pending weather. The group will walk from Love Story Yoga across a pedestrian bridge to a flat bike path that winds along the Corte Madera Channel. The group will walk to Remillard Park, pause, stretch, and return to Love Story Yoga. This walk will total one mile.
    - Parents and babies (not yet crawling) are welcome in this group.

  • Details

    Please plan to begin each session at Love Story Yoga. Sessions 2, 3, & 4 will incorporate an outdoor walk guided by your facilitator.

    Session 1: Love Story Yoga

    - Birth Story and/or
    - Journey in Motherhood

    Session 2: Love Story Yoga + Walk

    - Putting Power to Your Voice

    Session 3: Love Story Yoga + Walk

    - Finding and Fostering Community as a Parent

    Session 4: Love Story Yoga + Walk

    - Claiming New Identities

    Session 5: Love Story Yoga

    - Closing Ritual

  • Facilitator(s)

    Lauren Miller Brown is a San Francisco Bay Area native who specializes in providing nurturing, connective, therapeutic massage, doula services and childbirth education classes. She has been a birth doula for since 2007 and feel very fortunate that she is so passionate about her work and that she found it at such a young age. Her work continues to inspire her to this day and she can't imagine doing anything else.


    Lauren's road to birth work began after taking a Doulas of North America training in 2007. After completing her Doula certification she enrolled in Alive and Well! The Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Marin County. Lauren completed her massage training in 2008 and has been working as a bodyworker ever since. After massage school, Lauren worked as a massage therapist at The Mindful Body in San Francisco from 2009-2015, focusing on prenatal massage in particular, as well as with a wide variety of clients, including athletes, yogis, and San Francisco's tech community.

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